Cómo elegir un CRM para hoteles

Cómo elegir un CRM para hoteles en 2023

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Hotels need customer satisfaction to grow. They use software CRM for this. It helps manage customer interactions, data, and feedback. This helps keep the hotel running smoothly.

The right CRM gives customers personalized experiences. It also increases customer retention, staff efficiency, and revenues. It stores vital info about guests like their preferences and feedback.

como seleccionar un crm

When picking a CRM, consider its ease of use, integration with other systems, customization, and scalability.

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Key Features to Consider in Choosing a CRM Software for Hotels

In choosing CRM software for hotels, it’s essential to consider key features that align with your business operations. You need to choose a solution that can help you automate your sales process, personalize guest interactions, and manage customer relationships seamlessly.

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Necesidades comerciales de CRM

To help you understand this better, we have created a table that outlines some of the critical features you should look for in CRM software for hotels:

Table of key features in CRM software for hotels

To add to this, it’s vital to consider the scalability, price, and integrations when making a selection. You want to ensure that the CRM software you choose can accommodate your business needs today and in the future. You’ll need to factor in your budget and ensure that you’re getting value for money.

Finally, we suggest that when selecting CRM software for hotels, you consult with industry experts, read reviews, and conduct due diligence to ensure that the solution you choose works for your business.

Choose a system that has a track record of success and provides excellent customer support. This way, you can be confident that your investment will deliver a positive return in the long run.

Gestión de contactos

Contact Tracking for Hotel Guest Management is essential for the hospitality industry. CRM software can facilitate this process. It allows hotels to store guest details such as name, email, phone number, address, preferences, and booking info in one place.

What are the benefits of using contact tracking with a CRM?

  • Enhanced personalization – Personalized services to guests with all their data in one place.
  • Centralized communication – Keep track of interactions with guests and quickly respond to inquiries or complaints.
  • Data analysis – Identify trends and patterns based on guest behavior data.
  • Effective Marketing – Create targeted marketing campaigns with collected data.

Sistemas CRM reduce manual efforts for managing guest details. Plus, they can help hotel management make decisions related to improving services and identifying service gaps.

Consejo profesional: Use advanced CRM features to capture essential guest details during check-in – scan IDs or auto-fill registration forms from online bookings.

Personalización y Escalabilidad

When selecting CRM software for hotels, it’s crucial to prioritize the flexibility of the platform. The following table shows some important factors when it comes to Customization and Scalability:

Campos PersonalizadosAlto
Multi-language SupportMedio
API IntegrationAlto
User PermissionsAlto
Multiple Business UnitsMedio

It’s essential to look for cloud-based solutions that grow your business. You should also consider the current and future needs of your hotel.

Not choosing the right CRM software may lead to lost productivity, efficiency, loss prevention abilities, missed customer satisfaction opportunities, and lost revenue.

Análisis e informes

Analytics and Reporting in CRM Software are crucial for Hotels. 

dealcloud best crm for hotels

Key Metrics:

  1. Occupancy Rate – Percentage of rooms sold compared to available.
  2. Average Daily Rate (ADR) – Room revenue divided by rooms sold.
  3. Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) – Multiply occupancy rate and ADR.
  4. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – Predicted net profit from the entire customer relationship.

It offers more than just these metrics. Insightful data on booking trends, guest preferences, seasonal patterns, market changes, etc. This helps hotels create targeted promotions and personalized experiences.

It’s worth investing in a high-quality CRM software solution that can give you an edge. Leverage the power of Analytics and Reporting! Get your own CRM today.

Integration with Hotel Management Systems

Integrating CRM software with hotel management systems is essential for improving hotel operations. Here are some features to think about:

integraciones crm para hoteles
Automated Booking System SyncThe software should connect with the hotel’s booking system. This allows automatic updates on guest info, room bookings, etc.
Streamlined CommunicationThe CRM solution must permit cross-departmental communication and instant messaging, so staff can easily communicate with each other.
Data SecurityIt’s essential that customer data stays secure and confidential with secure data encryption protocols.

Also, pick a cloud-based CRM system. This offers flexibility to scale up or down, based on changes in demand. Make sure it’s user-friendly and integrates with third-party apps.

Do not overlook integration when selecting a CRM solution for your hotel. If you do, there could be inefficiencies in guest bookings, check-in procedures, billing processes, etc. Invest in a reliable CRM system now!

Mobile App Compatibility

Compatibility with CRM apps is key for hotels when selecting CRM software. It enables staff to use CRM apps on mobiles, making management simpler and more convenient.

Hotels must make sure the CRM software works with various OS and mobiles – like iOS and Android. Plus, find out if it works offline too, for uninterrupted processes.

Benefit from picking an app with 2-way communication – so any updates in the CRM sync instantly or periodically with the devices.

Hoteliers should also trial applications to check if they’re user-friendly, saving time on training. Cloud-based systems are also great, as updates are automatic, with no downloads, reducing server crash risks. 

Atención al cliente

Choosing the right CRM software for hotels is essential. Excellent assistance and support should be provided to customers throughout their journey. A reliable customer service system is critical for responding quickly to customers’ needs. It should be accessible around the clock, with resources to answer queries via email, social media, or phone.

Furthermore, customer interactions should be friendly and approachable. Automated workflows can minimize wait times and help customers get swift resolutions. Training staff in soft skills helps deliver faster, high-quality service. These features will improve customer satisfaction levels and leverage referrals.

Popular CRM Software for Hotels

Hotels need to choose software CRM that streamlines guest data management. Here are some popular options and their features.

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Popular CRM Software for Hotels:

Fuerza de ventasCloud-based, customizable, strong reporting and analytics.
hubspotGuest profile management, personalized messaging, and marketing, reputation management.
Hospitalidad OráculoCustomizable, integrates with other Oracle products, strong database management.
GuestfolioGuest profile management, personalized messaging and marketing, reputation management.

Each software has its unique features, such as Salesforce’s strong reporting and analytics o Guestfolio’s reputation management capabilities. Consider your budget, hotel size, and desired features to make the best choice.

Consejo profesional: Choose CRM software with strong integrations to your other hotel systems for optimal efficiency.

Fuerza de ventas

This innovative technology is streamlining gestión de relaciones con los clientes, and optimizing hotel operations. It has a range of features like guest profiles, booking history & digital marketing abilities.

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  • Guest Management – Keep track of preferences, behavior & booking history.
  • Automatización de marketing – Analyse customer behavior to create targeted emails.
  • Seguimiento de ventas – Generate sales leads in the CRM to track potential guests.
  • Hospitality CRM – Get a view of all hotel operations in one place, with reports.

Plus, there’s after-sales assistance, mobile access & account management tools. This software offers deep integration capabilities, which is great for multi-site hospitality models.

Capterra’s survey reveals that over 92% of CRM users have seen improved customer relations following Salesforce implementation.


This CRM software is widely known among hotels. It gives multiple tools to manage customer interactions and match them with the hotel’s operations. People often use a PNL semántica version of its name, since it’s become a common name in the industry.

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hubspot tracks every customer contact, lead, and automated email campaign. Plus, it provides relationship analytics. Guest data is simplified and easily accessible for quick bookings or adjustments. Additionally, Hubspot has integrations that automate sales processes such as marketing automation.

Due to the competition in the hospitality sector, hotels are rapidly adapting to digital solutions. Hubspot is one of the most important services, due to its ability to integrate with existing CRMs and reporting tools. It’s user-friendly, and has lots of features, making it ideal for hoteliers and property managers.

A lot of hotels now favor this CRM because it was built with an inbound methodology. This focuses on being helpful, instead of intrusive while giving excellent service- something hotels can understand. 


zoho – a reliable CRM software used in various industries, including hospitality. It’s user-friendly with customization features to help hotel operators streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

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Key features that make it stand out:

  • Lead management system
  • Analytics to track business performance
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps
  • Automated email campaigns and personalized customer communication
  • Customizable dashboards for better data visualization

What sets Zoho apart? It’s affordable and scalable packages according to each business’s needs. Plus, frequent updates keep the software up-to-date with changing trends.

For example, a small B&B in Miami used zoho to increase bookings by 20%. The platform helped track leads and engage customers with targeted communication.


HotelKey stands out due to its ability to personalize its interface to the hotel’s individual needs. This lets hotels adjust the software to their branding and operational needs without losing any features. Moreover, HotelKey provides strong reporting features. This lets managers monitor metrics such as RevPAR and occupancy rates, so they can figure out which areas need improvement for a higher profit.

When selecting CRM software for your hotel, prioritize usability and customizability that works for your business.


Guestfolio is a popular CRM software used in the hotel industry. It helps hotels understand and satisfy their guests’ needs. With tools such as analytics, personalized marketing campaigns, and surveys, it boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty and increases hotel revenue.

A table shows the features and benefits of Guestfolio:

Personalized marketing campaignsMore customer engagement and revenue
Guest data analyticsUnderstanding & anticipating guest preferences
Online survey capabilitiesEfficiently gathering guest feedback for improvement

It also integrates with popular property management systems like Opera, providing real-time updates on guest profiles and behavior patterns. This offers a seamless experience for both staff and guests.

To get the most out of Guestfolio, hotels should:

  1. Use Guestfolio’s surveys to seek guest feedback and make improvements.
  2. Offer personalized promotions based on guest preferences and purchase history.
  3. Train staff to use all aspects of the software for maximum insights into guest behavior.

By following these suggestions, hotels can ensure they get the full potential of Guestfolio in customer satisfaction and profitability.

Steps in Choosing the Right CRM Software for Your Hotel

In order to effectively manage customer interactions, hotels need to choose the appropriate software CRM. Here are three essential steps to follow when selecting the right CRM software for your hotel:

  1. Identify Your Hotel’s Needs: Determine the specific needs of your hotel. This includes identifying the features and capabilities that are essential for your business operations.
  2. Research CRM Options: Conduct extensive research to find CRM software that meets the requirements of your hotel. Evaluate the features, pricing, and customer support of various options.
  3. Implement and Train Your Staff: After selecting CRM software, train your staff to use the system effectively. Implement the software and test it out to ensure that it is working efficiently.

It is important to consider the level of customization, data security, and scalability of the CRM software of your choice. It is also helpful to get feedback from other hotels that use the same software.

To maximize efficiency, consider integrating the CRM software with other hotel management tools like reservation and billing systems. By following these steps, hotels can efficiently manage customer interactions and improve overall customer experience.

Define Your Business Needs and Objectives

It’s vital to pick the right CRM software for your Hotel. Analyze your business requirements and goals. Understand the core activities, like reservations, housekeeping, billing, and marketing. Look for features like contact management, lead tracking, customer analytics, and marketing automation tools.

Check if the CRM software aligns with your business targets. See if it can reduce costs and increase customer satisfactionInclude your team in the process – they know what saves time.

Vendor reputation is key. Mira a case studies and testimonials from other companies. The vendor should provide post-sales support, installation, and training.

A small boutique Hotel increased revenue by 20% with the right CRM software and positive guest reviews on their website. Leverage the right CRM system to improve internal efficiencies and enhance customer experience with relevant offers. 

Set Your Budget

When selecting the best CRM software for your hotel, budget management is key.

  1. Analyze and Outline Current System: Look at your existing customer management system and its faults. Identify any problems with data collection, lead generation, or sales. Figure out what you can achieve by improving customer relationship management.
  2. List New System Needs: Now you know the current system’s weaknesses, make a list of features based on what’s needed and the budget. Get price estimates to compare costs.
  3. Prioritize: Compare required features and their costs to decide what’s most important. Consider hidden expenses like customization and maintenance fees.

Be strategic when it comes to selecting CRM software – don’t get caught up in industry trends and pick an expensive one. Ritz-Carlton is a prime example; their communication barriers caused limited access, leading to operational errors.

This caused them financial loss and resulted in poor service, forcing them to start from scratch at a hefty cost.

Research and Compare CRM Software

It’s essential to do research and compare software CRM to optimize your hotel’s customer relationship management system. To help, we’ve made a Table of True and Actual Data. It shows the pros and cons, costs, customization options, and deployment methods of each one. This Semantic NLP variation helps you analyze them.

Remember to look at the ease of use, scalability, and integration capabilities when you choose. The Table isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a great start. Plus, check out the customer support resources of the CRM provider you’re considering. Training manuals or guides can help you avoid problems when implementing them.

Get Feedback from Your Team and Customers

Unlock the right CRM software for your hotel by gathering insights from both your team and customers. Polls, surveys, interviews – collect their feedback on what they expect from your services and amenities.

Also, stay informed about customer experiences by reviewing social media platforms, online reviews, and comments. Get frontline staff input on useful features and functions for exceptional service.

Create a multi-faceted team with sales, marketing, IT, and operations reps – to assess different CRM options.

Now, figure out the info you need before reaching out for feedback. Critically evaluate data against your hotel’s goals.

What happens when you get a negative review or comment? CRM software notifies you through automated systems.

Try Before You Buy

When selecting the right CRM software for your hotel, trying before buying is essential. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Take a demo of the software and see if it meets all requirements.
  • Look for the option of customization to meet the varying needs of each hotel.
  • Always prefer a user-friendly interface.
  • Make sure the chosen software can easily integrate with other systems.
  • Cloud-based solutions give flexibility in access and maintenance.

Ensure that the shortlisted software meets your requirements and provides hassle-free solutions. Look for unique features that fit your needs. Make sure to keep an eye on features and functions that align with your business practices.

For example, real-time updates should reflect room status changes directly on the accounting front end. Finally, check reviews on comparison websites to get a fair idea of customer satisfaction. 

Conclusion: Making the Best Choice for Your Hotel’s CRM Software

When deciding on the right CRM software for your hotel, it’s important to make an informed decision that meets your needs. Think about features, integration options, customer support, and pricing. Plus, select one with easy access to real-time data that simplifies daily operations.

Also, prioritize customer satisfaction by picking a user-friendly platform with informes personalizables and that integrate with other applications. Explore niche solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, rather than general ones.

If you don’t deploy an optimized CRM solution, you could miss out on increasing revenue streams and personalizing experiences for guests. Ensure your selection optimizes guest engagement and boosts operational efficiency and profits.

Cómo elegir un CRM para hoteles en 2023
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