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Comparación de Podio CRM con otros CRM

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Conclusiones clave:

  • Features and pricing plans are crucial factors for comparing project management software like Podio and Method:CRM. While Podio has a higher overall score and user rating, Method:CRM cannot be undermined.
  • Choosing collaboration software involves considering factors like ease of use, adaptability, scalability, pricing plans, and recommended options. Podio is recommended for its high adaptability and effective scalability, whereas CRM de Zoho receives mixed feedback on value for money despite its good customer service.
  • When it comes to comparing CRM de HubSpot and Podio, HubSpot is more suitable for bigger teams, while ShareFile offers quick customer support and efficient task management. Both options offer effective workflows, integrations, and reporting features with limitations in their application of changes to contacts already in a sequence.

Comparison of Podio and Method: CRM for project management software

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and feature-rich project management software, you might be interested in Podio and Method: CRM. In this section, we’ll explore the similarities and differences of these two software platforms in terms of their features and pricing plans. By the end of this discussion, you’ll be more informed about which software best suits your business needs.

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Features and pricing plans of Podio and Method:CRM

Podio and Method:CRM offer their own unique features and pricing plans for project management software. Here is a comparison of their similarities and differences:

Price RangeFree to $9-$24/user/month$25-$149/user/month (billed annually)
Automated WorkflowsNo
Custom BrandingNo
Correo de propagandaNo
Integraciones de terceros
User Reviews – FeaturesBienN/A
User Reviews – Ease of UseBienBien
User Reviews – Value for MoneyMezcladoN/A

When choosing collaboration software, consider ease of use, adaptability, scalability, and platform support. Podio and Zoho CRM have good user reviews about features and ease of use, while opinions on value for money are mixed. Understand the unique strengths of each option, such as HubSpot’s strong workflow integration or ShareFile’s effective task management.

Podio’s overall score and user rating make it a top performer.

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Podio’s overall score and user rating

Podio’s overall score and user rating are important to examine. So, a comparison of Podio and Method:CRM was done for project management software. This comparison was based on características y pricing plans. It allowed users to rate each software, helping businesses make a decision.

To understand this, a table will be created. It will include Features, Ease of Use, Scalability, Pricing Plans, Customer Service, Value for Money, Overall Score. This shows all relevant aspects when comparing software.

User ratings for podio were impacted by factors like ease of use, adaptability, scalability, affordability, y value for money. This gave a return on investment.

Method:CRM has a good user-friendly interface and decent pricing plans – though it is not the best.

Method:CRM’s overall score and user rating

It is essential to look at Method:CRM’s overall score and user rating when selecting collaboration software. Compare this to podio, another project management software. The following table displays Method:CRM’s score and rating with that of Podio’s.

SoftwareOverall ScoreUser Rating

Examining these ratings is important for picking suitable software.

Both Method:CRM and Podio have positive user feedback on their features, usability, and customer service. However, there are mixed opinions on value for money. CRM de HubSpot is commended for its workflows, integrations, and reporting functions.

It is especially useful for a business with more than five salespeople or startups ready to expand. ShareFile has quick customer support, efficient task management, easy setup, and intuitive platforms.

So, it is vital to review Method:CRM’s overall score and user rating when looking at collaboration software. Comparing the ratings with those of other software can be hugely helpful.

Importance of comparing features and pricing plans

Comparing project management and collaboration software is a must. Features and pricing plans must be evaluated. This helps to make sure the chosen platform fits your business. Take time to understand what each provides and its cost. This can help you learn the benefits and drawbacks.

Features of a collaboration tool decide how useful it will be. Analyze what each offers. Pricing plans are an important factor too. Make certain they can cover other expenses, yet remain affordable.

Compare collaboration software to see if the expense is worthwhile. Different organizations have different needs. So, analyze all the available options.

When selecting collaboration software, several things come to mind. These include ease of use, adaptability, scalability, pricing plans, and recommended options. Compare features and pricing plans to pick the best one for your business needs.

Factors to consider in choosing collaboration software

Collaboration software can significantly improve team productivity, communication, and workflow. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this section, we’ll review the crucial factors to consider when selecting collaboration software and explore each sub-section in detail to help you make an informed decision.

From ease of use and adaptability to scalability and pricing plans, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the recommended collaboration software options.

Facilidad de uso

When it comes to project management software, comparing features and pricing plans is key. Facilidad de uso matters a lot to users. podio is highly rated for user-friendliness, while Method:CRM also gets good reviews.

Adaptability, scalability and pricing plans must be considered. CRM de Zoho y podio are both highly rated. They offer great customer service. But, opinions vary on whether they represent good value for money.

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For startups or scale-ups, CRM de HubSpot may be better. It offers effective workflows and reporting features, plus integrations with other apps. ShareFile is worth considering for its quick customer support and task management. Both have intuitive interfaces. Yet, HubSpot has limitations when applying changes to sequenced contacts.

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Organisations should review all these aspects when selecting the right collaboration software. They must also consider any specific requirements that must be met. This ensures the chosen platform fits the desired workflow and budget.


Adaptability is essential when picking collaboration software. podio y Method:CRM both have cost-effective plans with many features. Customizing fields, changing workflows, and making custom apps within a platform are all helpful. However, podio tiene no chat feature or file previews for non-image files.

CRM de HubSpot is suitable for start-ups and scale-ups with 5+ salespeople since it has workflows, app integrations, and reporting features. ShareFile’s customer support and task management are also noteworthy. Ultimately, adaptability is a must when selecting project management software. It must be able to handle changes without breaking the budget or disrupting processes.


Organizations need project management software that can scale as they grow. podio y Method:CRM are two solutions that have scalability.

podio is rated highly as it has customizable features. It offers apps for tracking projects and collaborating. And it has flexible pricing plans to suit budgets.

Method:CRM also has custom features to help businesses adapt quickly. It’s cloud-based, with automated workflows and integrations. Plus different pricing plans based on the size of the organization.

Both platforms have mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Pro Tip: Choose a project management software that offers scalable pricing. Make sure it has enough headroom so your org doesn’t outgrow it too soon.

Planes de precios

podio y Method:CRM both present different pricing plans. The plans are based on the number of users and features needed by an organization. Podio has four plans ranging from Free to Premium. Each plan has different collaboration tools, task management, workflow automation, and customization options. Method:CRM has three plans, Standard, Pro, and Pro+. These include standard contact management capabilities.

When picking gestión de relaciones con los clientes software, it is important to compare pricing plans. Check if they fit your budget constraints and future growth. It is key to find a plan that works for your needs, and also cost-effective. Also, some plans may not have all the features you require. Evaluate each option’s features to cost. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each system to make the right decision.

En conclusión, Podio and Method:CRM are both top recommended software. Carefully evaluate each system’s pricing plans and features. This will help you achieve the desired level of collaboration, task management, automation, customization, and contact management capabilities. In the end, you’ll be able to collaborate like a pro and reach your business objectives.

Recommended collaboration software options

Collaboration software is key to improving teamwork and work performance. Several popular collaboration software options are available, such as PodioCRM, Zoho CRM, Method:CRM, HubSpot CRM, ShareFile, and Microsoft Teams.

Each one is tailored to different business needs, like documentation, data management, customer relationship management, and project management.

  • PodioCRM y CRM de Zoho have strong features and usability, but their value for money is mixed.
  • CRM de HubSpot is good for startups or scale-ups with five or more salespeople.
  • ShareFile provides quick customer service and efficient task management.
  • Microsoft Teams works well for remote teams and their projects.

When selecting software, businesses should evaluate compatibility with their needs. Features like ease of use, adaptability, scalability, app integration, and pricing plans must be considered. Each option has unique strengths, so it’s important to determine the required collaboration software. Research user reviews and ratings to find the right tool for your requirements. For instance, with podio y CRM de Zoho, user opinions highlight features, usability, customer service, and value for money.

Reviews of Podio and Zoho CRM

When it comes to choosing a CRM platform, it’s important to consider both the numbers and the opinions of real users. In this section, we will take a closer look at the feedback for Podio and Zoho CRM.

We’ll explore the number of reviews and their ratings for both options, along with the key features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money. By comparing the positive and negative reviews, we can gain a better understanding of which platform will best suit our business needs.

Number of reviews and ratings of Podio and Zoho CRM

podio y CRM de Zoho are two popular collaboration software options. Real users have shared their experience through reviews and ratings. As seen in the table, Podio has more reviews than Zoho CRM – over 1,500. And, it has a higher average rating of 4.2 out of 5. Zoho CRM’s rating is 3.9 out of 5.

Though Podio has more positive reviews, both have received negative reviews. Users often talk about ease of use, customer service, and value for money.

For example, one user says podio is great for customizing workspaces. Another appreciates CRM de Zoho for being affordable without compromising on features.

It is important to consider individual needs and preferences when selecting collaboration software. Both Podio and Zoho CRM have received positive reviews. Potential users should evaluate all the options before choosing.

Real user reviews available for both options

Real user reviews are super valuable when picking software. Podio and Zoho CRM both have reviews which provide insights into user experiences. They focus on features, ease of use, customer service and value for money. Both have similar ratings, being praised for their features and ease of use. Plus, they are both accessible and effective on mobile devices.

These reviews are essential for anyone considering collaboration software. They should be taken into account with other factors like scalability, ease of use and price points. All these factors can help businesses pick the right software for their needs.

Real user reviews show the good, bad and ugly of Podio and Zoho CRM. Before making a final decision, be sure to check out these reviews!

Reviews focus on features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money

User reviews and ratings for collaboration software focus on important factors. These include features, ease of use, customer service and value for money. Evaluations are essential for providing a satisfactory experience.

Feedback concentrates on características and how useful they are in real-world scenarios. Additionally, ease of program usage provides insights into its approachability. Servicio al Cliente is a major part of reviews as users need prompt help. Comparing pricing plans and value for money also plays an important role.

In reviewing collaboration software such as Podio, Zoho CRM, HubSpot CRM and ShareFile, characteristics are assessed. This includes integration with other apps or platforms, reporting features, workflows and pricing plans. CRM de Zoho has been positively reviewed across all parameters. Whereas, podio receives mixed feedback about its worth compared to the cost.

Through these reviews, customers gain knowledge of different applications such as CRM de HubSpot. It meets the criteria of startups who wish to upscale their sales team. ShareFile‘s quick customer care services guarantee error-free task management. Both Podio and Zoho CRM get positive reviews for features and ease of use. However, they get mixed feedback on value for money.

Similar ratings between Podio and Zoho CRM

User reviews show similar ratings for Podio and Zoho CRM. People have expressed positive opinions about them, praising their features and ease of use; they also spoke highly of Servicio al Cliente. However, they had mixed thoughts on value for money.

The table below shows the number of reviews and ratings, plus overall scores and user ratings. As you can see, both Podio and Zoho CRM have high overall scores and relatively similar user ratings.

ProductoReviews (#)Overall Score (/5)User Satisfaction (/5)
CRM de Zoho9214.278%

It’s interesting to note that Podio offers a more customizable platform with lots of integrations through their marketplace. On the other hand, zoho CRM provides a more comprehensive package with more features such as email marketing campaigns and web forms. Más, Podio’s pricing plans can get expensive depending on the team size; Zoho CRM has more economical choices, including free versions for small businesses.

Overall, both Podio and Zoho CRM have great collaborative tools. They have similar user satisfaction ratings, yet differ in customizability, comprehensive packages, and cost. G2 Crowd’s Grid® Report for CRMs Summer 2021 ranks both Podio and Zoho CRM in the top ten best CRMs, based on customer satisfaction and market presence. Podio stands out with its user-friendly characteristics that make collaboration and project management easier.

Positive reviews for features and ease of use

Positive reviews have praised podio for its versatility and customization options. It is also easy to integrate with other software and apps, making collaboration simple. CRM de Zoho has a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, which users are satisfied with.

Both platforms offer advanced capabilities, such as file sharing, calendar functions, mobile access and integrations. Automation of mundane tasks and email notifications have also been praised.

Podio offers excellent value with its adaptability and customization options. Users can make the platform work best for them. zoho CRM is great for small-medium companies with simpler workflows.

If you need help, both podio y CRM de Zoho offer great customer service.

Good customer service for both options

Podio and Zoho CRM are praised for their customer service. Users say both options provide helpful, prompt assistance when problems happen. Plus, they resolve issues fast and answer quickly. What sets them apart is the knowledgeable responses from customer service teams.

Features related to customer service are similar. They both offer integrated platforms for easy communication, file sharing, project progress tracking, permission management, and custom workflows. This helps collaboration and reduces communication issues.

However, reviews of Podio and Zoho CRM mention value for money. Some users don’t think they have enough features or functionality for the cost, compared to other software.

In the end, customers are pleased with the customer service from both Podio and Zoho CRM. This is important when choosing a collaboration software solution. Responsive support staff can make sure projects go forward even with unexpected problems.

Mixed feedback on value for money

podio y CRM de Zoho have had mixed feedback on value for money. Some users have been satisfied with the pricing plans, but others have complained about hidden costs.

podio users have said that add-ons and integrations not included in the base price are a source of frustration. But, some have found Podio’s pricing plans cheaper than other applications.

CRM de Zoho customers have also had varied opinions on value for money. Some thought the pricing plan was reasonable, while others thought it too expensive.

Reviewers have said some features offered by Podio and Zoho CRM may not be needed or useful for all businesses. This could affect value for money.

Individual businesses need to decide which collaboration software is best for them. A comparison of HubSpot and Podio can help determine the right CRM for your startup or scale-up.

HubSpot CRM and Podio comparison

When it comes to picking the right CRM, hubspot y podio are popular options. In this section, we’ll compare the two and see what each can offer. We’ll take a look at:

  • de HubSpot strengths for startups and scale-ups, its effective workflows and integrations, and its reporting features.
  • We’ll also examine Podio’s quick customer support, efficient task management, and useful “relationship” field.
  • Finally, we’ll look into a limitation in HubSpot’s contact sequence application and how it compares to podio.

HubSpot’s suitability for startups or scale-ups with five or more salespeople

CRM de HubSpot is ideal for startups or scale-ups with five or more salespeople. It provides effective workflows, integrations and reporting features.

Compared to other CRM options, HubSpot has an advanced workflows feature. This enables users to set up automated steps and responses to save time.

Plus, HubSpot offers flexible pricing plans for any size business. It integrates with various applications like Zapier and Microsoft Office 365. This allows users to collaborate seamlessly across multiple tools.

HubSpot also has customizable reporting metrics to track KPIs.

Overall, the features of HubSpot make it a great CRM software. It is reliable and worth considering.

ShareFile’s quick customer support and efficient task management

ShareFile is an amazing collaboration software! It’s praised for quick and efficient task management, plus awesome customer support. The ShareFile team has been applauded for their fast responses and helpful solutions. It provides useful tools to streamline workflow processes – perfect for any business looking to optimize efficiency!

Plus, ShareFile’s customer support is top-notch. Reviews say they’re knowledgeable and incredibly responsive. This is invaluable for time-sensitive projects, helping them stay on track without delays.

Other software options may have similar features, but none have the same level of support and task management as ShareFile. Choosing ShareFile is a wise decision that saves businesses time and equips them with the necessary tools and templates to succeed.

HubSpot’s effective workflows, integrations with other apps, and reporting features

hubspot is ideal for businesses who want a platform with great workflows, integrations, and reporting tools. It’s especially useful for startups and scale-ups with more than 5 salespeople. Plus, it offers quick customer support and task management features, so it’s the preferred choice of many.

The setup is easy and the platform is intuitive. Plus, the ‘relationship’ field provides access to vital info related to customers. This helps businesses with contact management.

ShareFile offers fast customer support and task management, but hubspot‘s feature set and integrations are better. Also, hubspot lets you make changes to contacts already in a sequence.

For growing businesses needing reliable workflows, powerful integrations, and data privacy & security standards, hubspot is the way to go. It also has regular updates with new integrations, so businesses can stay up-to-date and communicate effectively across teams.

ShareFile’s easy setup, intuitive platform, and useful “relationship” field

ShareFile es un awesome collaboration software with exceptional features. Setup is easy, making project implementation a cinch. Its user-friendly platform offers a smooth workflow, resulting in better productivity.

And here’s the real kicker: ShareFile has an innovative “relationship” field. This feature allows for efficient team member interactions, contributing to project success. Reviews show that the “relationship” field works great to create seamless communication, resulting in successful projects.

Plus, ShareFile is affordable for small and large companies. There are various packages to fit each size. Plus, customer support and task management capabilities are also included.

In conclusion, ShareFile is a great collaboration software with easy setup, intuitive platform, and helpful “relationship” field”. It’s a great choice for companies that need quality software without breaking the bank.

Limitation in HubSpot’s application of changes to contacts already in a sequence

Adaptability is key when deciding between project management and CRM. HubSpot CRM has some limitations, such as its inability to update contacts already in a sequence. This makes tracking changes difficult.

Podio and Zoho CRM are better options for startups or scale-ups with fewer salespeople. They offer flexibility and scalability.

ShareFile offers great customer support with efficient task management features and an easy setup. Method:CRM is another good competitor, offering scalable infrastructure for growth at different pricing plans. It promotes cross-collaboration between teams, especially in today’s virtual remote work environment.


Five Facts About Comparing Podio CRM:

  • ✅ Podio has an overall score of 9.1 and a user rating of 94% for project management software. (Fuente: Investigación del equipo)
  • ✅ Method:CRM has an overall score of 8.8 and a user rating of 99% for project management software. (Fuente: Investigación del equipo)
  • ✅ Other recommended collaboration software options include Wrike,, and Smartsheet. (Fuente: Investigación del equipo)
  • ✅ Reviews for Podio and Zoho CRM focus on features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money. (Fuente: Asesoramiento sobre software)
  • ✅ HubSpot is highly recommended for startups, but it takes time to understand all the features and proper onboarding is necessary. (Fuente: TrustRadius)
Comparación de Podio CRM con otros CRM
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