Freshsales CRM-Fallstudie

Freshsales CRM-Fallstudie

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  • Freshsales CRM is a powerful tool that offers a range of features and benefits for businesses of all sizes, including lead management, deal management, and customer relationship management.
  • Freshworks, the parent company of Freshsales, is led by current Chief Executive Officer Girish Mathrubootham and offers a suite of products and services that help businesses streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Several case studies demonstrate the positive impacts Freshsales has had on businesses, including improved customer satisfaction, higher agent productivity, and streamlined operations. These case studies highlight the versatility and effectiveness of Freshsales across a range of industries and use cases.

Einführung in Freshsales CRM

Freshsales CRM has helped numerous businesses manage their sales by providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface. In this section, we explore the unique features and benefits of Freshsales that made it stand out amongst other CRMs in the market.

From customer engagement to lead scoring, we dig deeper into the tools that make Frischverkäufe an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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freshsales integration

Overview of Freshsales features and benefits

Freshsales CRM is great for businesses wanting a comprehensive solution for customer relationship management. Its advantages help manage customer interactions, making it ideal for businesses striving to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Girish Mathrubootham is the CEO of Freshsales, a product of Freshworks. Freshworks focuses on solutions to help businesses improve their operations.

Frischverkäufe features a user-friendly interface. This permits businesses to streamline inbound lead management, boost agent productivity, and reduce CRM costs. Notable customer success stories include automation of Freshchat and Freshdesk for 1-grid, an e-learning company’s positive experience with Freshdesk, and 7-Eleven Philippines’ high customer satisfaction with scenario automations on Freshdesk. In addition, a&s Adria and many other businesses streamlined their inbound lead management using Frischverkäufe.

Frischverkäufe also provides tools to analyze customer behavior. This assists businesses to customize their marketing campaigns to suit them better. Freshsales’ deep analytics feature permits teams to track and measure the success of their sales pitching approach. Businesses can learn from Freshsales case studies from diverse industries.

This way they can see how the product has helped them improve their operations, reduce overheads, and increase efficiency while delivering excellent customer service experiences.

Abschließend, Frischverkäufe is essential for any business aiming to improve their customer relationship management. Its features and benefits are superior and provide businesses all the necessary tools to effectively manage customer interactions.

Background of Freshworks

Freshworks has been a prominent player in the CRM space for quite some time now, offering a range of products tailored to various industries. But who is behind this innovative company? In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the background of Freshworks, including the current Chief Executive Officer, to provide insight into the driving force behind this successful CRM provider.


Current Chief Executive Officer of Freshworks

Freshworks is a renowned software company with a suite of innovative CRM solutions. Led by a dynamic and visionary CEO, the company has grown under his guidance. He has extensive experience in the tech industry and is an ambassador for the power of technology. He helps organizations leverage tech to achieve their goals.

The CEO embodies qualities like strong leadership, innovation, and agility. Businesses looking to stay ahead can benefit from him.

Freshworks’ product lineup offers everything from CRM to HR solutions to IT support software. It’s as varied as a box of chocolates.

Products and services offered by Freshworks

Freshworks is a renowned customer engagement software company. It offers many products and services to help businesses succeed. Examples include:

  • CRM solutions
  • Marketingautomatisierung
  • Kundendienst
  • IT service management

Its CRM software, Frischverkäufe, is well-known for streamlining sales processes and managing customer relationships. The marketing automation platform provides personalized emails and lead scoring. Freshdesk helps companies offer stellar customer service through email, phone, and social media. Freshservice‘s IT service desk software efficiently handles IT services and assets.

These cloud-based solutions from Freshworks automate and streamline sales, marketing, customer support, and IT service management. This helps businesses with customer engagement, efficiency, and growth. The company is constantly innovating its product lines to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.

A case study from Freshworks revealed that its CRM platform Freshsales increased a real estate service provider’s lead conversion rates by 10%. This shows how effective Freshworks products and services are.

Freshsales CRM features and benefits

Freshsales CRM stands out with its unique features and benefits. It’s great for budget-friendly small to medium businesses. Noteworthy? Its intelligent lead scoring system. Prioritize leads by their engagement levels. Plus, personalized emails to the right people.

Activity capture? A game-changer. Track website visits, email opens, and more. Most unique? The built-in phone system. Make and receive calls from the CRM. Streamline the sales process!

Frischverkäufe is a top contender. Utilize its email and phone integration. Streamline customer communication. Close deals more successfully.

Freshsales CRM case studies

Explore the real-world success stories with Freshsales CRM in this section. Learn about the diverse experiences of:

  • 1-grid’s success with Freshdesk and Freshchat automation
  • Texas-based E Learning Company’s customer handling with Freshdesk
  • 7-Eleven Philippines’ high customer satisfaction through Freshdesk automation
  • Discover how Freshsales CRM helped organizations like Aip Publishing to improve customer experience and order processing, and Advertas to save 58% on CRM costs. Follow multiple other cases, including Aviolinx’s customer waiting period elimination and customer satisfaction improvement with Freshdesk to gain an insider’s look into Freshsales’ potential.

1-grid’s success with Freshdesk and Freshchat automation

Automation tools from Freshdesk Und Freshchat, part of Freshworks’ product suite, have been majorly beneficial for 1-grid. These innovative tools help streamline customer service processes.

This has resulted in a decrease of response times and an improvement of customer satisfaction levels. Freshdesk’s ticketing system and chat automation, along with real-time insights from Freshchat, enable 1-grid to provide timely support.

Several other companies have also experienced success due to the use of Freshworks’ CRM product suite. E Learning Company in Texas, Advertas Und Averda are some notable examples. Their cases demonstrate how different organizations have profited from leveraging the solutions offered by Freshworks.

Texas based E Learning Company’s experience with Freshdesk

Freshdesk, a Freshworks product, has been adopted by enterprises to improve customer communication and IT support. One such organization is a Texas-based E-learning Company. They found Freshdesk to be a great help for providing prompt and efficient customer service.

Using Freshdesk, the Texas-based E-learning Company could reduce response times and resolution rates, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Plus, they personalized their support portal to match their brand identity, making it easier for customers to get help.

What sets this company apart from others that use Freshdesk is their skilled use of automation tools. This Texas-based E-learning Company employed pre-defined canned responses and scenario automations to quickly address customer concerns, without sacrificing personalization.

We recommend businesses emulate the Texas-based E-learning Company and use these automation features in Freshdesk to improve efficiency while offering high-quality customer support. In addition, customizing portals for different departments or products can further simplify communication and make support more accessible for customers.

7-Eleven Philippines’ high customer satisfaction using Freshdesk scenario automations

Freshdesk’s scenario automations have been vital for 7-Eleven Philippines to attain high customer satisfaction. With this feature, the company has streamlined their customer service, promoting faster ticket resolution and improved customer communication.

Through the help of these workflows, 7-Eleven Philippines can quickly categorize and prioritize tickets. Furthermore, customers get updates throughout the resolution process, thus boosting satisfaction.

7-Eleven Philippines’ success is also attributable to Freshdesk’s accessibility and user-friendliness. Its intuitive design makes it simple for their support staff to use, thereby speeding up issue resolution and boosting efficiency.

All-in-all, Freshdesk’s scenario automations have been paramount to 7-Eleven Philippines’ success. It has helped them achieve high customer satisfaction, as well as enhanced their internal processes and efficiency.

a&s Adria’s streamlined inbound lead management with Freshsales

This case study shows how Freshsales was key to boosting a&s Adria’s inbound lead management. As a video surveillance equipment distributor, a&s Adria needed a reliable tool to manage leads, automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity. Freshsales was the perfect fit!

Thanks to Freshsales, a&s Adria could centralize their lead activities. It was a great platform for sales teams to communicate better. Automation tools like scheduling appointments, setting reminders and other admin duties were easy to use. This improved efficiency, leading to higher conversion rates and happier customers.

Freshsales also gave a&s Adria visibility into their sales pipeline. They could easily spot gaps and take action. It also helped them collaborate better, enabling better outcomes and new opportunities.

Use Freshsales’ automation tools like the appointment scheduler and follow-ups reminders. These can save you time and money. Lastly, Freshteam is a highly VC-backed HR solution.

A global venture capital firm’s HR solutions with Freshteam

A global venture capital firm optimized HR functions with Freshteam. This recruitment automation tool decreased time spent on manual tasks and applicant review. Freshteam provided a centralized communication hub, enabling hiring managers and the recruitment team to collaborate effortlessly.

Freshworks offers Freshteam solutions for job listing organization, sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and coordinating the hiring process. This online HR software yielded positive results: managers had real-time access to applicant info, making informed decisions and collaborating with team members easily.

Automated features such as resume parsing and interview scheduling reduced manpower costs, improved productivity, and increased operational efficiency.

Similarly, Addison Lee’s IT service improved after Freshservice.

Addison Lee’s IT support improvement with Freshservice

Addison Lee, a transportation service provider, has seen a great improvement in their IT support with Freshworks’ Freshservice. This unified their IT operations and streamlined customer service, resulting in less resolution time and higher customer satisfaction.

Freshservice enabled Addison Lee to improve customer experiences and unify workflows. It also helped them streamline their incident management process, providing fast and accurate solutions.

Using Freshservice, Addison Lee had more visibility into their IT operations. They used automated reporting to monitor help desk performance metrics effectively.

Businesses should take advantage of Freshworks products like Freshsales CRM to get significant enhancements for their business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Advertas’ 58% CRM cost savings with Freshsales migration

Freshsales by Freshworks proved to be the perfect solution for Advertas. It resulted in a 58% reduction in their CRM expenditure. Advertas chose Freshsales due to its cost-effectiveness and practicality. It provided them with great performance benefits.

Freshsales was customised for Advertas, keeping their unique requirements in mind. Features such as lead scoring, pipeline management, sales forecasting, behavioural tracking, and transactional emails were included. These features allowed for customer support activities while being highly scalable.

Freshworks provided amazing personalised service. It helped guide Advertas through the process of migrating from one platform to another, with minimal disruptions. Through the efficient use of Freshsales, Advertas achieved a large budget saving whilst improving organizational outcomes.

Zuletzt, Freshdesk and its ability to improve customer experience was appreciated by Aip Publishing.

Aip Publishing’s improved customer experience and order processing with Freshdesk

Aip Publishing, a renowned publishing company, saw stunning results after implementing Freshdesk into their system. The customer support software unified all customer service channels and inquiries into one platform. This led to faster response times and a 70% improvement in first response times due to automations. Productivity and performance also increased with the software’s prioritization system.

Freshdesk enabled Aip Publishing to keep customers informed with timely updates. This improved the overall customer experience. The software also enabled accurate tracking of metrics such as ticket volume escalation rate and customer satisfaction.

For companies using Freshdesk, it is recommended to take full advantage of its customizable features. Such as adding categories or unique fields for ticket submission forms. This will allow companies to perfectly tailor their support process to their specific needs.

Lastly, another user of Freshdesk, Alfka, was able to make more calls than a telemarketer on steroids with Freshdesk call center software.

Alfka’s phone operations scale-up with Freshdesk call center software

Freshdesk’s call center software was essential for Alfka to scale their phone operations, as reported in a Freshsales CRM case study. Features like automatic ticket creation, call recording, and analytics enabled Alfka to manage and track their calls easily. They could even integrate customer information from other channels, giving them more context during conversations.

This led to an improved customer satisfaction. Responses were faster and issues were solved quickly. Plus, the Freshdesk platform made communication smoother and response time shorter.

Furthermore, Alfka used the software to gather caller data and real-time insights. These insights allowed them to examine their performance and make necessary changes for continuous improvement. As a result, customer retention and loyalty soared.

In conclusion, Freshdesk call center software allowed Alfka to scale up their phone operations. This enabled them to provide better quality service and streamline communication processes.

Alice’s customer success delivery with Freshdesk

Alice, a company featured in one of Freshdesk CRM’s cases, enabled remarkable customer success with Freshdesk’s help. The case study revealed the implementation of Freshdesk and its effects on customers’ experience.

Freshdesk’s multi-channel support enabled Alice to manage communication with present and potential customers more effectively. This feature granted them the capability to respond rapidly and precisely to any queries, providing timely solutions. Furthermore, Freshdesk’s automation enabled Alice to classify every enquiry. This improved their effectiveness in responding quickly and delivering customer success.

Darüber hinaus, uniting Freshdesk with other software used by Alice reduced their response time. Representatives were now able to help customers regardless of their location or time zone. This led to higher customer satisfaction and customer success delivery with Freshdesk.

In conclusion, this case study shows how a correctly implemented CRM-System can improve customer experience and grow business, proving Alice’s customer success delivery with Freshdesk.

Alterra Mountain Company’s IT operations unification with Freshservice

Alterra Mountain Company has achieved IT unification by leveraging Freshservice. This product, from Freshworks, a provider of solutions designed to improve customer service and automate processes, proved to be effective.

Using Freshservice, Alterra Mountain Company could streamline its IT support and manage tickets across its properties. This resulted in increased productivity, as technicians could solve issues fast and efficiently.

Freshservice also unified IT processes across resorts. It standardised ticket categories and created a centralised database for knowledge management. All resort staff were given access to the same info, so communication gaps were eliminated and guests had a consistent user experience.

The integration of Freshservice has improved Alterra Mountain Company’s IT operations and propelling it towards success.

Anewspring’s multi-channel support streamlining with Freshdesk

Anewspring, an e-learning solutions provider, improved their multi-channel support system with Freshdesk, a Freshsales CRM suite product. Freshdesk supported Anewspring’s team to manage customer queries through various channels quickly. Plus, the integration with existing tools was smooth.

The customisation feature of Freshdesk enabled Anewspring to converse with customers in different languages. This was possible with Google Translate integration.

Anewspring’s multi-channel support system streamlining was a success. It let them use Freshdesk tools efficiently, ensuring consistent customer service delivery. As a result, Anewspring greatly benefited from Freshsales CRM suite.

Ann Arbor’s average response time improvement with Freshdesk

Freshdesk was a total game-changer for Ann Arbor. It helped them massively boost their response time to customer inquiries. This platform is an awesome tool for businesses that want to provide excellent customer service. I

t streamlines and automates various support processes. Ann Arbor’s success story is one of many case studies that demonstrate Freshdesk’s potential to increase customer satisfaction.

Ann Arbor used Freshdesk to answer customer questions promptly. This led to improved customer satisfaction. They also automated their support processes and gave customers self-service options and knowledge base articles. This meant agents could focus on complex tickets and solve them quickly.

Ann Arbor’s success with Freshdesk reminds us of the significance of utilizing automation for quick customer support. Features like multi-channel communication, ticket management, and reporting can streamline support processes and improve service delivery.

Businesses should look at reports and metrics such as response times and ticket volumes to get the most out of Freshdesk. This will help them find areas that need improvement. They can then make changes to further enhance their service delivery.

In conclusion, Freshdesk is great for businesses that want exceptional customer service and streamlined support processes. Ann Arbor’s success story proves its effectiveness in improving response time and overall customer satisfaction.

Anne Street Partners’ IT support streamlining and customer satisfaction improvement with Freshservice

Anne Street Partners, an Australian financial advisory firm, has successfully improved IT support and customer satisfaction by using Freshservice. They customized its workflows and automated escalation rules, simplifying the ticketing process and automating service management. This reduced resolution times and increased efficiency. The platform provided real-time analytics, helping them gain insights into their support operations.

Using Freshservice, urgent tickets were prioritized, resulting in quicker resolutions and increased customer satisfaction. Customers liked this, leading to more loyalty for the firm. To further improve support services, Anne Street Partners can use Freshservice’s AI-powered chatbot capabilities for self-service ticket creation and resolution. Implementing gamification strategies, such as rewards and recognition programs, can also boost employee engagement and motivation.

Freshcaller and Anytime Mailbox can provide a clear line of communication instead of relying on a mailbox. Overall, Anne Street Partners have been able to streamline IT support, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve operations by using Freshservice.

Anytime Mailbox’s clear customer support with Freshcaller

Anytime Mailbox improved their customer support system with Freshcaller. Freshcaller gave them features like call routing, IVR menu, call queues, Und call monitoring. They used Freshcaller’s reporting & analytics tools to track & analyze call volume, average wait time, Und time spent on calls.

This allowed them to optimize their operations, resulting in an improved customer experience. This is a great example of how Freshworks products help companies like Applian Technologies and Ap Processing upgrade their communication with Freshdesk.

Ap Processing’s communication management enhancement with Freshdesk

Ap Processing used Freshdesk, leading to major communication management improvement for the mortgage firm. A study showed a 40% productivity gain through features such as:

  • Tracking emails
  • Giving managers a way to check team performance
  • Shared inbox and ticket assignment within teams
  • Automating chores like categorizing, tagging, and prioritizing to cut manual labour
  • Reducing agent response time and improving customer satisfaction.

For companies needing streamlined communication management, Freshdesk is perfect. It resolves queries quickly and accurately. Plus, it reduces tedious admin work, so customer service agents can focus on providing excellent support.

Applian Technologies also found success with Freshdesk, boosting SLA compliance by 40%. This shows Freshdesk’s features are powerful.

Freshdesk is a great tool for today’s businesses to have efficient and effective communication management.

Applian Technologies’ 40% SLA compliance improvement with Freshdesk

Applian Technologies found a great solution in Freshdesk software! Features like recording and converting video/audio streams, automating support processes and tracking metrics helped them boost their SLA compliance by a whopping 40%.

Centralizing communication management and integrating email/social media with the software made it easier to collaborate. Quick/easy ticket creation/assignment options also improved service levels.

Freshdesk’s customer service improvements resulted in higher compliance with Applian’s SLAs. Faster response times and better ticket management systems led to improved productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Schließlich, Freshdesk proved to be a valuable asset for Applian. It helped them elevate their customer support and response times, and improved compliance levels.

Aramex’s 50% agent productivity increase with Freshservice

Freshservice was a game-changer for Aramex. A Freshsales CRM case study showed a 50% increase in agent productivity.

Aramex adopted Freshservice to streamline their ticketing system and optimize customer communication. This led to improved efficiency and better support. Customers reported faster response times and better communication, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Streamlining ticket management is essential for optimizing operations and improving customer experience. Freshservice is an effective tool that businesses can use for this purpose. Aramex’s success demonstrates its effectiveness. It led to a major increase in agent productivity, and satisfied customers.

Arco’s 96% customer satisfaction with Freshservice

The retail giant from the UK, Arco, has gained a staggering 96% customer satisfaction rate by using Freshservice from Freshworks. This IT service management solution is robust and efficient, helping to make IT operations simpler and smoother for customers. That high satisfaction rate shows clearly the positive effect Freshservice had on the customer service experience in IT support.

Arco has utilized the Freshservice platform fruitfully. This allows ticket resolutions to be quicker and resolution time to be faster. Also, their existing systems have been integrated with the platform, so communication is real-time and productivity is improved.

As a result of the Freshworks solution, Arco has many advantages. Process automation is streamlined and customer engagement is improved. Plus, Freshdesk from Astraware has received five-star ratings from even extra-terrestrial beings!

Astraware’s stellar customer support with Freshdesk

Astraware puts great emphasis on customer support. Freshdesk has made this possible, giving them remarkable success. Handling tickets is much easier; customers are pleased with the speed and quality of service.

Freshdesk also allows them to keep all inquiries in one place. This optimizes their workflow, reducing response times while ensuring a positive customer experience. In conclusion, Astraware’s use of Freshdesk demonstrates the importance of prioritizing customer support.

Companies can use Freshdesk’s capabilities to streamline communication and centralize ticket management for stellar customer service.

Averda’s one-stop support shop with Freshservice

Averda, a leader in waste management solutions in the Middle East, has set up a one-stop customer service shop. They did this by utilizing Freshservice’s ITSM software. This streamlined their IT support processes, reducing manual work for employees and increasing customer satisfaction.

Freshservice enabled Averda’s IT team to manage hardware and software requests efficiently. The software also enabled seamless collaboration between departments and reduced communication delays while still providing top-notch services.

Der conversational AI solution from Wysdom.AI extended Freshdesk capabilities. It cut down costs while enabling high-quality customer interactions 24/7. Averda’s experience proves the effectiveness and productivity of software like Freshservice for companies aiming to improve and better manage their IT services.

Aviolinx’s customer waiting period elimination and customer satisfaction improvement with Freshdesk

Aviolinx were in a pickle with long customer waiting times. Thankfully, Freshdesk came to the rescue! They provided custom queues and reduced average waiting times. Plus, Aviolinx’s customer satisfaction levels rose.

Freshdesk automated responses and canned messages made it easier for Aviolinx’s support team to give customers real-time, accurate info quickly. So, customers received faster responses and better service.

Abschließend, Freshdesk was vital for Aviolinx to reduce waiting periods and increase customer satisfaction. It proves how effective Freshworks’ products are in streamlining business operations and boosting efficiency.


Five Facts About Freshsales CRM Case Study:

  • ✅ Aip Publishing improved productivity of customer experience and order processing team with Freshdesk. (Source:
  • ✅ Advertas saved 58% of its CRM cost by migrating from Salesforce to Freshsales. (Source:
  • ✅ Aviolinx eliminated customer waiting periods and improved customer satisfaction with Freshdesk. (Source:
  • ✅ Arco achieved 96% customer satisfaction with Freshservice. (Source:
  • ✅ Freshworks offers Freshsales as a product for sales, and its target audience is businesses with up to 5,000 employees. (Quelle: Team Research)
Freshsales CRM-Fallstudie
Freshsales CRM-Fallstudie
This article describes a Freshsales CRM Case Study
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