Einführung in Freshsales

Einführung in Freshsales

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  • Freshsales is a comprehensive CRM software that offers an analytics feature allowing businesses to gather valuable insights on their sales metrics, such as revenue, deal performance, and conversion rates.
  • Freshworks Analytics provides businesses with the benefits of real-time data visualization, allowing them to track important metrics and make data-driven decisions effectively.
  • The software comes with various curated and custom reports for businesses to choose from, giving them a thorough understanding of data patterns to identify trends and improve their overall sales performance.


Freshsales is a CRM software with powerful features. It’s designed to save businesses time and increase revenue. Features include lead management, deal tracking, contact management and reporting.

Lead-Management captures, qualifies and converts leads. Deal-Tracking keeps track of deals and progress. Kontaktmanagement stores all customer information. Berichterstattung measures the effectiveness of the sales process.

Integration with tools like Google Calendar, Zapier and Trello help streamline workflow.

Profi-Tipp: Customize Freshsales to fit your business needs. It’ll help you achieve sales goals and grow your business.

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Overview of Freshworks Analytics

Frischverkäufe, an all-in-one CRM tool that streamlines sales activities and leads management, also includes a powerful analytics feature called Freshworks Analytics. In this section, we’ll provide a brief overview of Freshworks Analytics and explore two important sub-sections:

  1. The benefits of utilizing Freshworks Analytics
  2. The key metrics that can be tracked and visualized for better insights into your business

With Freshworks Analytics, businesses can make datengesteuerte Entscheidungen that ultimately improve their bottom line.

Benefits of Freshworks Analytics

Freshworks Analytics has lots of advantages for users. It helps businesses to track and visualize metrics, giving them worthwhile information. It also allows efficient routing and handling of incoming calls, through call workflows. Plus, customizable reports offer insights into operations, making the solution more productive.

It’s budget-friendly too, and can be scaled up for bigger businesses. Amazingly, Freshworks Analytics has top-notch Kundendienst – with professional visits, tutorials and more! Finally, it provides clear insights in a useful way, keeping businesses ahead in the digital world. Subscribe today and make sure your business succeeds!

Metrics to track and visualize

Freshworks Analytics ist ein must-have tool for businesses. It enables them to monitor and analyze key metrics, curate and customize reports, and gain insights into customer interactions! With widgets, users can visualize these metrics. Plus, they can apply filters to the reports, such as date range, user location, or call type.

One company used Freshworks Analytics to identify the cause of missed calls from customers. They were able to route incoming calls more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Stop settling for boring reports! Get Freshworks Analytics and start tracking and visualizing your business metrics for success!

Types of Reports

Let’s take a closer look at the types of reports offered in Freshsales. Whether you’re looking for a curated report or you want to create a custom one, Freshsales has options to match your needs.

With curated reports, you get detailed insights into your sales team’s activity so you can identify areas for improvement, while custom reports offer the flexibility to create a report tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Curated Reports

Curated reports offer businesses the chance to gain insight into their growth and performance. Freshworks Analytics provides pre-configured, structured reports for specific uses. For example, the Lead Activity Report tracks website visitors and activities. The Sales Pipeline Report measures progress towards sales objectives. The Ticket Volume Report keeps track of customer support tasks.

These reports are cost effective and identify areas needing improvement. Companies can use this to respond quickly to customer concerns and better manage lead response times. They can also use Curated Reports to improve communication during meetings and webinars.

In summary, Freshworks Analytics gives you the flexibility to customize reports like a pizza. With Curated Reports, you will access insights that can transform your business.

Benutzerdefinierte Berichte

Freshworks Analytics presents personalized reports. These reports let businesses track the metrics that matter to them and show them in an understandable way. Custom reports are more flexible than curated reports.

Users can pick from tables, bar charts, and pie charts when customizing reports. Filters can also be applied to limit the data displayed. An additional feature of custom reports is the capacity to save and schedule their delivery. This allows users to get regular updates on certain metrics, without having to generate the report every time.

For instance, a sales manager could make a custom report to compare the performance of each sales representative with other teams in the organization. They can get weekly updates on their team’s performance from the previous week, sent via email every Monday morning.

With the ability to create, customize, and save reports that meet their needs, Freshworks Analytics’ custom reports help businesses make decisions based on trends and insights.

Glossary Terms

Ready to expand your knowledge of Freshsales with the glossary terms section? Discover and understand the reports, widgets, and filters sub-sections to help you make informed decisions and streamline your workflow.

According to the Reference Data, Freshsales offers robust reporting tools, customizable widgets, and powerful filtering capabilities. Lass uns eintauchen!


Freshworks Analytics offers reports to help businesses track and visualize metrics. These reports offer insights on performance, so teams can make datengesteuerte Entscheidungen. Reports are anpassbar, tailored to meet each business’s specific needs.

Freshworks Analytics has two report types: Curated and Custom. Curated Reports are pre-built and focus on areas like sales, marketing, or customer service. Benutzerdefinierte Berichte are more flexible and are designed for the unique needs of a business.

Plus, widgets and filters help users customize dashboards. Widgets show data points, while filters let users apply criteria to the data displayed.

Freshworks Analytics is a powerful reporting tool. It helps businesses stay on top of key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions. With curated and custom reports, widgets, and filters, businesses can gain wertvolle Einsichten into different aspects of their operations.


Widgets are great for customizing dashboards. There’s a variety of them, from aggregation displays to pie charts. Hovering over them shows extra info. Advanced users can use APIs to create their own widgets. Plus, team members can share them within the organization.

Freshworks Analytics lets only authorized team members access and modify these Widgets. It provides detailed customization for advanced users to create more fine-tuned reports.

Widgets have been around for a long time, since the GUIs (Graphical User Interface). Initially used as indicators, they’ve evolved and now play a key role in data visualization. With digital transformation, Widget usage has risen significantly.

If air filters are important, then check out Freshworks Analytics filters for your data.


Filters are a must-have! They let users refine their data and analyze customer interactions quickly. Different dimensions like time, agents Und teams can be used to sort and understand data better. Freshworks Analytics adds more filter capabilities.

Zum Beispiel, customizable combos of filter conditions can be created for reporting needs. And multi-select filters make it easier to narrow the search. The system auto-saves recent filter settings in the report.

This makes report-sharing simple, as only the filtered view of data is shared. With call logs and caller details, filters help spot trends in contact interactions. All in all, filters are essential for streamlining data analysis and understanding customer interactions.

Introduction to Call Workflows

Frischverkäufe provides a Benutzerfreundliches Bedienfeld for streamlining the sales process, including a specific feature called Call Workflows. In this section, we will introduce the concept of Call Workflows and review the features and variations it has to offer.

Whether you’re a sales professional looking to optimize your workflow or a business owner seeking time-efficient management solutions, understanding Call Workflows can be a Game-Changer for your sales strategy.

Features of Call Workflows

Call workflows offer many features that make call handling and routing smoother, leading to a great customer experience. For example, they can route calls to the best-suited agent/team according to skills, availability, region and language preference.

Zusätzlich, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) trees provide customers with self-help options, so they don’t need to wait for an agent. Fallback actions are also part of call workflows and are triggered when certain conditions are not met or systems fail. These actions could reroute callers back into the queue or even send them to voicemail if agents are unavailable.

Rules are also set for call handling so that each caller receives timely and personalized service. These rules might prioritize VIPs or have specific working hours/days. There are different types of call workflows like routing calls externally or internally, to teams or individual agents.

To make the most of call workflows, Freshworks Analytics provides curated and custom reports which helps to track and visualize relevant metrics. Try out call workflow features for yourself and take advantage of the power of Freshsales’ Freshworks Analytics!

Variations of Call Workflows

Average Handling TimeThe average time taken by an agent to handle a call.
Number of Abandoned CallsThe number of calls disconnected by the caller before being answered by the agent.
First Call Resolution RateThe percentage of calls that are resolved in the first attempt by the agent.

Fallback actions such as busy tones or disconnecting callers if agents are busy, or sending them to voicemail after a certain period, can be set up. Custom fallback actions can also be setup based on specific conditions.

Improve customer satisfaction and achieve goals. Utilize Freshworks Analytics to handle calls like a pro!

Routing and Handling Incoming Calls

Frischverkäufe offers numerous features to streamline the sales process. One of the essential features is Routing and Handling Incoming Calls, which involves Call Queues Und IVR Trees.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at how these tools can improve your team’s phone-based sales process and provide a seamless customer experience. According to Reference Data, a well-implemented call routing system can lead to a 70% reduction in missed calls, while IVR Trees can significantly reduce the number of transferred calls.

Call Queues

Call Queues are lifesavers for businesses dealing with high volumes of incoming calls. They’re virtual waiting rooms that organize and direct calls to the relevant agent with the right skills. Rules decide the call distribution and queues can be customized to fit business needs.

IVR systems can be used before entering the queue to avoid delays. High volumes can be handled with multiple queues based on geographies or departments.

Call Queues should be a vital part of communication strategy. This prevents missed opportunities, keeps customers happy and maintains a good reputation. Delays in attending calls can result in lost customers, damaged reputation and reduced revenue.

So, better act now and set up Call Queues to avoid any potential negative impact. Don’t make customers navigate through IVR Trees, enhance their experience and satisfaction with Call Queues instead!

IVR Trees

IVR Trees are crucial for businesses who want to efficiently manage incoming calls. There are many variations, like routing calls to agents, teams, or external numbers. IVR Trees can be personalized for specific business needs. Moreover, businesses can set up fallback actions to make sure no call is ever lost, even if the IVR system cannot handle it.

Freshworks Analytics has an interesting feature that integrates IVR Trees with call workflows. Combining IVR Trees with call handling rules and other features of Freshworks Analytics permits businesses to create a complete call workflow. This streamlines how incoming calls are routed and managed.

And when nothing else works, there’s always fallback actions. These features save the day (and the call) by providing alternate routing options for calls the IVR system cannot handle. With IVR Trees and fallback actions, businesses can confidently manage their incoming calls and provide great customer service.

Fallback Actions

When a sales rep is unable to connect with a lead, what next? The answer lies in using fallback actions. In this section, we’ll discuss the different types of fallback actions to take when leads don’t respond. From sending personalized emails to rescheduling calls, we’ll outline the best practices for using fallback actions to keep leads engaged and move them further down the sales funnel.

Types of Fallback Actions

In case of call routing failure, it’s important to have fallback actions to make sure incoming calls aren’t left unanswered. One common way is to send calls to a voicemail system, where customers can leave a message and receive a response later. Calls can also be transferred to a specific department or agent if the intended recipient is not around. Customers can also opt to enter their phone number for a callback when an agent is available.

At times, it may be required to escalate calls to senior agents or supervisors, or reroute them to external numbers such as personal cell phones. Combining and customizing different fallback actions can help, like custom voicemail options with automatic callbacks during non-business hours.

Call workflows provide various paths for handling incoming calls and routing them to the right agents or teams. By having robust fallback actions, businesses can guarantee that customers are served properly, even in tough circumstances.

Different Types of Call Workflows

Call workflows are an indispensable aspect of Freshsales’ sales call management system. Understanding how call workflows operate can be a game-changer for sales reps looking to improve conversion rates and streamline communication.

In this section, we will explore the different types of call workflows within Frischverkäufe, whether you need to route calls to specific agents, teams, or external numbers. Let us dive into the nuances of each workflow to optimize your sales outreach.

Routing Calls to Agents

Routing calls to agents is essential for providing excellent customer service. It means sending incoming phone calls to the best-suited customer service agent who is available. This ensures customers are attended to quickly and their needs are met with efficiency.

Agents can be routed based on many factors. These include location, language, availability, and skill sets. Also, calls can be queued and prioritized according to urgency or importance. This flexibility helps businesses give personal attention to their customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Call routing algorithms can further improve the process. They can predict which agent is best for a particular query based on historical data and past performance. This helps companies solve issues effectively and efficiently, resulting in high customer satisfaction levels.

In some cases when all agents are busy or unavailable, it may be necessary to route calls outside the business environment. For instance, emergencies may require directing calls to external specialist services like medical professionals.

One company that used Freshworks analytics and call workflows decreased caller wait times by 50% while increasing agent productivity by 40%. By looking at call data and introducing intelligent routing, they streamlined customer service operations. This led to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

In conclusion, routing calls to agents is key to excellent customer service. By using intelligent routing and proper analysis, businesses can streamline their operations. This increases customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Routing Calls to Teams

Routing calls to teams is essential for customer service. Incoming calls are directed to specific groups of agents to ensure customers get the right help. Streamlining call flow and reducing wait times is possible by assigning skilled agents to a team. This way, customers are connected with the right people to resolve their queries.

Team-based routing lets agents collaborate better, for better support on complex queries. Agents become more accountable and can provide great customer service. Call recordings can be used to check quality and give feedback to improve team performance.

Fallback actions prevent missed opportunities. Teams can be based on geography, language, or expertise. This gives businesses the chance to cater to different customer segments.

Freshworks Analytics platform provides metrics on teams’ performance. Businesses can use these insights to optimize their workflows and improve productivity, while providing excellent customer experience.

Harvard Business Review states that companies with great customer experience have revenues four to eight times higher than their industry peers. So, routing calls to teams is essential for businesses today.

Routing Calls to External Numbers

Call Workflows allow routing calls to external numbers. This is great for sales and customer service agents, as they can connect with people outside their team. But, call handling rules must align with the company’s requirements.

To track performance, Freshworks Analytics provides metrics. Analyzing these helps businesses optimize processes. Researching the phone system providers’ policies about external calls is important, as they might incur extra costs.

Organizations should be ready for the worst. Establishing call handling rules and having fallback actions keeps customers happy and agents sane. Routing calls to external numbers can be a big asset for businesses.

Call Handling Rules and Fallback Actions

For effective communication with customers, call handling rules and fallback actions are essential in Freshsales. They help with optimizing call management and customer satisfaction.

To set up these rules and actions, there are three steps:

  1. Zuerst, define the call rules based on business needs and sales process. This can include call duration, time of day, and call status criteria, and assigning actions to each.
  2. Then, set fallback actions for times when the call rules are not met. These may be missed calls, busy lines, or when sales team are unavailable. Appropriate actions could be automated emails or scheduled call-backs.
  3. Finally, test the call handling rules and fallback actions. This could involve making test calls, monitoring call logs, and reviewing recordings.

The rules and actions can be tailored for changing business requirements. Evaluating and refining them can improve sales team call management and better customer service.


Freshsales is an awesome CRM! Its robust and comprehensive features make it perfect for businesses of any size. It has an intuitive Schnittstelle, plus automation tools to track leads, prospects, and customer interactions. Plus, analytics offer valuable insights into your sales.

One unique part: seamless integration with third-party applications like marketing and social media. That’s why it’s one of the most popular CRM systems on the market. It’s essential for businesses that want an efficient and effective sales process.


Five Facts About Introduction to Freshsales:

  • Freshsales is a CRM software that allows businesses to manage their sales pipeline. (Source: Freshworks)
  • ✅ Freshsales comes with features like lead, deal, contact and account management. (Source: Freshworks)
  • ✅ Freshsales offers automation capabilities like workflows, lead scoring and appointment scheduling. (Source: Freshworks)
  • ✅ Freshsales integrates with several business tools such as Google Calendar, Zapier and Freshchat. (Source: Freshworks)
  • ✅ Freshsales provides real-time sales analytics and customizable reports with curated and custom report options. (Source: Freshworks)
Einführung in Freshsales
Einführung in Freshsales
This article provides an Introduction to Freshsales
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