Pricing of Monday CRM

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Key Takeaway:

  • Monday CRM offers both Free and Enterprise plans, allowing users to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget.
  • The Free plan has certain limitations and features, while the Enterprise plan provides benefits like increased customization, automation, and security features.
  • Users can choose between monthly and yearly payment options, with yearly plans providing savings and budget predictability, and offers tailored pricing for unique needs.

Introduction to Monday CRM Pricing

Monday CRM is an intuitive platform that provides a range of tools to help businesses scale, automate and manage their sales processes. In this section, we’ll go over the pricing options for Monday CRM and their respective features. We’ll investigate the two pricing options, including:

  1. The Free plan, offering access to basic functionalities; and
  2. The highly customizable Enterprise plan, tailored more towards the needs of larger organizations.

Free Plan and Enterprise Plan options

Monday CRM’s pricing plans offer something for everyone. There’s a Free Plan, great for small teams, with unlimited boards, more than 20 column types and integrations with Gmail and Google Drive. For larger operations, there’s the Enterprise Plan. It has custom onboarding, user permissions, higher API limits and more. Tailored plans for NGOs and educational institutions are also available. Plus, everyone can try out Monday’s paid plans free for two weeks. This track record of providing value-for-money solutions has made Monday CRM a competitive choice for all kinds of customers – from small startups to large corporations.

Features and Pricing Details

Monday CRM offers a range of features to its clients, and understanding the pricing details is crucial in making an informed decision. In this section, we’ll explore the limitations of the free plan and the benefits of the enterprise plan, giving you a clear idea of the features and pricing details.

Free Plan Limitations

The free plan of Monday CRM provides awesome features. But beware! Certain restrictions exist that may affect your operations if not identified first.

  • Restricted number of boards and items.
  • Limited access to other applications’ integrations.
  • No guest accounts for collaborative projects.
  • No automation workflows for quicker task mgmt.
  • No advanced search or visualization tools.
  • Minimal customer support.

These limits can slow down productivity and cause delays. So, the free plan has its drawbacks. However, gives users the chance to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan. This unlocks unlimited usage and access to more features. Perfect for large operations to make the most of the CRM system!

Before selecting a pricing option, businesses need to assess their needs. Do not miss out on growth opportunities by not taking the time to opt-in for a plan that fits your business perfectly.

Upgrade to the Enterprise Plan! Now you can say ‘Money? Oh, we have a CRM for that.

Enterprise Plan Benefits offers an Enterprise Plan with awesome benefits for businesses. This plan is ideal for large-scale operations, providing exceptional organization and automation tools.

  • Unlimited Automated Actions: With this plan, teams can save time by automating repetitive tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Data Security & Advanced Permissions: Protect data with IP restrictions and two-factor authentication. Plus, customize roles and manage permissions.
  • Personalization: Customize dashboards with colors, logos, and background images to make your brand stand out.
  • Dedicated account manager & support: Get a dedicated account manager plus priority customer support 24/7.
  • Cutting-edge API Integrations: Easily connect with project management, productivity, and marketing apps.

The dashboard provides an overview of activities, plus fast report generation with advanced filtering options. All these features help Enterprise clients scale up their businesses with maximum efficiency.

Choose between monthly and yearly plans to save big. The Enterprise plan is the perfect solution for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Payment Options

Did you know there are different payment options when using Monday CRM? In this section, we will take a closer look at the two payment options available for users: monthly and yearly plans. We’ll discuss the benefits of each plan and how you can save with a yearly plan. Get ready to discover the best option for your budget and business needs.

Monthly vs. Yearly Plans

Monday CRM offers two different payment plans for users to choose: Monthly Plans and Yearly Plans. Prices vary for each option.

Monthly Plans give flexibility. Short-term subscriptions are great for trying the platform before a longer-term commitment. Plus, fluctuating usage needs can be adjusted each month.

Whereas Yearly Plans are more cost-effective. There’s a 20% savings compared to monthly plans. Plus, it’s great for stable and predictable usage needs.

Users can change their subscription plan anytime, without losing data or progress. This flexibility lets them adapt their payment plan.

Note: Annual subscriptions come with a refund policy. If they don’t need the service, they can request a refund within the first month.

When deciding, consider projected usage volume and budget. Choosing Monday CRM’s payment plan is a great investment for streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

Savings with Yearly Plans

Choosing Monday CRM’s yearly plan offers lots of savings. The biggest perk? Two free months when you pay for the year upfront. This means one payment instead of twelve! Annual payments also get bigger discounts than monthly plans. Budgeting is easy since the price stays the same. Plus, there are no renewals or missteps.

Advanced features are included too. Companies get customer support and training resources. The best plan depends on your company’s individual needs. Small teams can go for basic or standard packages. Bigger companies can use Pro or Enterprise Plans.

ABC Co. used to have problems with their old project management software. It broke down a lot, resulting in interruptions and money lost. After assessing their options, they went with Monday CRM’s enterprise plan and had amazing results. Their profits increased and they had great support.

The right pricing plan is important. Make sure it fits your needs and doesn’t cost too much.

Choosing the Best Pricing Plan

When it comes to choosing the right pricing plan for Monday CRM, it’s important to take a few key factors into account. In this section, we’ll break down the elements you should consider when selecting your plan, and explore how Monday CRM can offer tailored pricing options to meet your unique business needs.

Factors to Consider

Professionals utilising CRM must ponder a few things while picking Monday’s CRM pricing plan. Vital elements include team size, feature preferences and payment methods.

To decide thoughtfully, professional CRM users should look through a table of all the plans on offer, such as the free and the enterprise plans, including the features and restrictions. Also, they must take into account whether to pay monthly or yearly.

Other points to think of include tailored pricing for individual needs, which could be a great choice for pros with specific requirements not included in the general pricing plan.

It’s noteworthy that’s website states that some teams have reported a 40% improvement in efficiency with their software. Contemplating all these factors will guarantee that professional CRM users pick the perfect pricing plan for their team’s needs.

Tailored Pricing for Unique Needs

Monday CRM offers pricing plans tailored to businesses’ needs and requirements. This flexible approach lets businesses choose plans based on features they need, saving money and yielding maximum returns. Enterprises can customize their experience further with various payment options and plan levels – Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan. Each plan level offers features suitable for different team sizes or operations.

This tailored pricing approach ensures businesses pay only for the features they require. Small teams can benefit from lower-end plans like Basic Plan or Standard Plan with essential functionalities at an affordable cost. Meanwhile, larger teams with advanced needs may find greater benefit in higher end plans such as Pro or Enterprise Plan, with advanced analytics, automation tools, etc.

In conclusion, Monday CRM’s tailored pricing emphasizes the platform’s flexibility and adaptability. It ensures businesses select plans that cater to their unique needs, saving money and maximizing returns.

Refund Policy for Yearly Subscriptions

Customers who opt for yearly subscriptions of Monday CRM are subject to a refund policy. If they want to discontinue using it, within 14 days of purchase, they can do so.

The refund policy is applicable to all yearly plan subscribers. It is valid only if the request is made within 14 days from the date of purchase. Monthly subscriptions are not eligible for a refund.

Customers can request a refund by contacting the customer support team. This process could take up to 7 working days.’s Plan Options is a popular project management software that offers a range of pricing plans suitable for businesses of different sizes. In this section, we will explore’s plan options, and what each offers. The Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plan all come with unique features catering to specific business requirements.

Basic Plan

Searching for a budget-friendly option for small teams? has the answer! Their Basic Plan offers unlimited viewers, yet only three boards. It has core project management features like task assignments and due dates. Plus, basic integrations and communication tools such as email notifications and a mobile app are also included. It may have its restrictions, but the Basic Plan is great for those just starting out with project management software.

Don’t stress if you want more features or extra boards. has custom pricing choices. Upgrade your plan at any time or create a unique plan that matches your needs. Looking for something with tons of features? Check out the Standard Plan. With, the possibilities are endless!

Standard Plan

Are you a business seeking a mid-tier subscription plan, with advanced features? The Standard Plan from Monday CRM is the perfect choice! It comes with benefits from the Basic Plan, plus detailed reporting, analytics tools, access control and sharing options. Time tracking, workload view, calendar view and dependency view give optimal project management capabilities.

It also has automation tools like Zapier, Integromat and API syncing for smooth workflows. And, 24/7 customer support is available through email or chat, with onboarding assistance. All of these features give you more control over your operations and streamline your workflow.

The Standard Plan helps you optimize your operations. It provides insights into your team’s performances and identifies areas for improvement. Workload views ensure projects are managed efficiently, and integration with third-party automation apps like Zapier reduces time-consuming tasks.

Take your productivity to the next level. Upgrade to the Monday CRM Pro Plan, and choose the Standard Plan today. Experience all these enhanced features, and see how they positively impact your business operations.

Pro Plan

Want to find an amazing CRM pricing plan? Look no further than Monday CRM’s Pro Plan! It’s perfect for businesses with advanced needs. Get access to unlimited platform features, collaboration tools, data analysis insights, and more. Plus, premium customer support is available by phone or email.

The Pro Plan also includes superior security options, offering enterprise-level data protection. Monday CRM caters to all business sizes, so you get favorable rates that fit your unique needs. is always upgrading its solutions. From Standard Plans to Enterprise solutions, like the Pro Plan, it’s a leading innovator in the industry. Sign up today and get all the features you need to manage your operations!

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan from is the ideal premium plan for larger teams that need advanced features. It offers Pro Plan benefits plus more! Enhanced security measures, including user permission settings, audit logs, and SSO integration protect sensitive data. Account management support is available 24/7 for expert help.

Customizable automation and third-party app integrations give flexibility. Plus, API access and custom branding options make sure every aspect of the system works for your business. The Enterprise Plan is perfect for businesses with unique needs. Robust security and a highly customizable platform will take your business to the next level. Try it today!

Best Plan for Different Team Sizes

Whether you run a small team or a large operation, choosing the right plan for your CRM system is essential. In this section, we will delve into the best pricing plan for different team sizes, exploring the benefits and features of each option. From small teams to large teams with advanced needs, we will provide insights and information to help you make an informed decision that suits your business requirements.

Small Teams

Monday CRM’s Basic Plan is perfect for small teams. It gives access to most of the platform’s features. There’s unlimited boards, items, and guests. Plus, up to 5GB of file storage. Automated actions for workflows too!

The Basic Plan starts at 8 USD per user, per month. However, high-level automations and time-tracking tools are not included with this plan. To get these, you need to upgrade.

Integrations like Calendars and Zoom can help teams work remotely. Check ’em out for extra functionalities.

So, don’t be fooled. Bigger isn’t always better. Monday CRM’s prices for larger teams prove it!

Larger Operations

Monday CRM has various plans for larger operations. The Enterprise Plan is ideal for bigger teams and organizations, offering advanced features and customization options. A dedicated customer success manager guides larger operations in customizing the software. This plan has unlimited integrations, SAML authentication, enhanced user management capabilities, and an audit log feature. It’s perfect for large teams with complex needs, giving you the tools to tackle projects. Sadly, it won’t make your coffee for you.

Large Teams with Advanced Needs

Organizations with large teams and intricate processes can benefit from the Enterprise Plan offered by Monday CRM. This plan is tailored to cater to businesses that need robust project management solutions for complex workflows and multiple approvals.

The Enterprise Plan provides access to unlimited boards, automation recipes, integrations, and guests. This way, businesses can scale without hitting any usage limits. They can also gain insights into team performance with comprehensive reporting tools.

Security and privacy are prioritized in the Enterprise Plan. Monday CRM is SOC 2 compliant and offers SAML SSO, guaranteeing secure access to all team members.

The Enterprise Plan also provides a dedicated support manager to offer personalized assistance in resolving technical issues quickly. Businesses with global operations can customize language preference too, since this feature is available only in the Enterprise tier.

In conclusion, the Enterprise Plan is ideal for large teams with advanced needs. It helps streamline workflows, improve team performance, and operate efficiently.

Conclusion and Recommendation

So, when searching for a CRM, companies should factor in their needs, resources and pricing plans. The Monday CRM, for example, has different pricing plans. They include a free one with limited options and paid ones with varying features and costs. We recommend that businesses assess their needs and finance to find the right plan.

Moreover, it is smart for companies to look into other CRM options and compare their pricing and features. That way, they can get the most out of their investment.

In short, while Monday CRM might be an option for some businesses, it is important to make a well-thought-out decision. This will ensure that the chosen CRM optimizes productivity and customer relationships.

Five Facts About Pricing of Monday CRM:

  • ✅ The free option for monday sales CRM is a 14-day trial. (Source:
  • ✅ The cost of monday sales CRM starts at $10 per month for 3 users and increases based on plan and team size. (Source:
  • ✅ Monthly payment options are available, but yearly plans are recommended for savings. (Source:
  • ✅ The best pricing plan depends on the organization’s unique needs and features required. (Source:
  • ✅ offers three main plans: Basic, Standard, and Pro, as well as an Enterprise plan for larger teams. (Source:

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