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  • Salesforce and Insightly are two popular CRM options that businesses can consider based on their needs and budget.
  • Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM used by small to large businesses for lead generation, reporting, data analysis, and contact management. However, it may not be the best fit for every business due to its high cost and complexity.
  • Insightly is a modern unified CRM that offers sales, marketing, and delivery solutions all in one place. It is a more affordable option for smaller businesses with less complex needs. Insightly is praised for its user-friendly interface, good selection of apps for integration, and relationship linking feature for better customer relationship management.


When it comes to CRM software solutions, two popular picks are Force de vente et perspicace. Both offer a variety of features to help businesses manage their sales, marketing and customer service operations.

Force de vente is cloud-based and provides a suite of applications for businesses of all sizes. It has integration capabilities that make connecting to third-party tools easy. perspicace, on the other hand, is more user-friendly and cost effective, with essential features to manage operations.

When deciding which one to choose, businesses must consider their needs, budget, and preferences. Force de vente has more advanced features, but at a higher price. It’s good for larger organizations. perspicace is a better option for small to medium-sized businesses, as it’s affordable and user-friendly.

Proper implementation, training and support are important to get the best out of Force de vente ou perspicace. Customization is also needed to fit specific requirements and workflows. Keeping up with the latest updates is key to leverage the full potential of the software.

Salesforce and Insightly: A Comparison

Two common Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – Force de vente et perspicace – are often used in the business world. To compare them, we made a chart with their key differences. It shows things like pricings, mobile app availability and integration with other software. Businesses can pick the CRM that fits their needs best by looking at the chart.

Cost is an important factor when picking a CRM. Force de vente is intended for bigger businesses, so it could be more expensive. perspicace, however, is tailored for mid-sized and smaller ones, meaning it is more rentable. By looking at the pricings of each CRM, businesses can make the right decision.

Understanding Insightly as a Modern Unified CRM

perspicace est un Système GRC that helps businesses manage customer info and be competitive. It has an easy-to-use interface that includes tasks, leads, contacts, opportunities, and projects all in one place.

The platform can customize workflows, automate tasks, and provide real-time customer insights. Businesses can use data Insights to create personalized marketing campaigns and track interactions with customers.

Insightly is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, allowing businesses to access customer data on-the-go. It also integrates with third-party applications like Google Suite, Slack, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks.

UN bonus feature is its custom fields, which track unique data points for leads, contacts, and opportunities. This gives businesses a competitive edge and lets them provide customers with personalized experiences.

Global, Insightly offers comprehensive solutions that enhance business productivity and customer satisfaction. Its modern features enable businesses to stay ahead in the market.

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Salesforce as a Well-Known CRM Option

Force de vente is a renowned CRM option. Popular in the market, it provides robust features and efficient customer management. It also offers effective sales techniques, making it a go-to CRM solution for many organizations. Plus, it’s customizable, so users can tailor the system to their needs. Being cloud-based, users can access Salesforce from anywhere with internet connection. Plus, its analytics tools let users track performance and evaluate sales strategies.

Organizations trust Salesforce for security measures to protect confidential data. It integrates with third-party applications too. Plus, customer support is excellent. This makes Salesforce an apt choice for businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises.

150,000 customers worldwide, including Amazon and American Express, rely on Salesforce for an effective and reliable CRM solution.

Differences in Cost and Complexity

Salesforce vs Insightly: consider cost & complexity. Small & mid-sized businesses must compare pricing packages before deciding. A table is useful – to outline differences in cost, features & tools.

PlateformeStarting Price/User/MonthMinimum UsersStorage AllowanceMain FeaturesBest Fit For
Force de vente$25510GBCustomizable dashboards, reports, sales forecasting & workflow automationLarger companies with extensive sales & marketing ops
perspicace$292500MBWeb-to-lead capture, task/project mgmt & automated lead assignmentSmall/midsize businesses needing simpler, effective sales & marketing mgmt

Salesforce is more complex than Insightly. Businesses must consider cost & complexity before selecting platform that fits their needs.

Categories of Comparison: Current Customers, Market Share, and Category Ranking

Starting with the facts on Salesforce vs Insightly, we can analyze various factors. These include: current customers, market share, and category ranking.

For a detailed comparison, please refer to the following table:

Categories of ComparisonForce de venteperspicace
Current Customers150,000+25,000+
Market Share19.5%2.5%
Category RankingLeaderNiche

In addition, compare features and pricing plans. Both have unique selling points. Salesforce and Insightly have been in the market for a while. They continuously introduce new features to attract customers and stay ahead of the competition. Both offer great CRM solutions, but the choice depends on the needs of the business. Analyze parameters to make an informed decision.

Comparison by Industry, Geography, and Buying Patterns

Force de vente et perspicace are CRM software with different audiences. We can compare them to see how they vary in terms of industry, location, and buying patterns.

A table presents a comparison between the two. It’s clear that Force de vente appeals more to large tech companies, alors que perspicace c'est mieux pour smaller businesses. In terms of geography, perspicace is mainly used in the US, and Force de vente dominates Europe. Force de vente customers have a longer retention period and higher license costs, compared to perspicace users.

However, both CRM software offer similar features, just aimed at different markets and priced differently. Foule G2 rates Force de vente higher, at 4.2 out of 5, versus Insightly’s 3.8 out of 5.

To decide which CRM software is best for you, consider your industry, location, and buying patterns. The comparison can be helpful in making the right choice.

Salesforce for Lead Generation, Reporting, Data Analysis, and Contact Management

Force de vente is the perfect platform for businesses wishing to make their sales processes more efficient and improve their customer relationship management. Its comprehensive features allow managers to generate leads, create reports, analyze data, and manage contacts quickly and easily.

The following table lists the features of Salesforce which make it ideal for lead generation, report creation, data analysis, and contact management. It shows the feature, its description, and the benefits it provides:

Génération de leadsSalesforce helps businesses capture leads from various sources and track them.Companies using Salesforce can generate more leads, track the progress of leads, turn leads into accounts and opportunities.
RapportsSalesforce offers a variety of reports and dashboards for data analysis.With Salesforce, businesses can identify sales trends, areas for improvement, manage territories, and forecast accurately.
L'analyse des donnéesSalesforce has several tools for manipulating data, such as querying and automation.Businesses can personalize and simplify data analysis, save time, and reduce the risk of data errors.
Gestion des contactsSalesforce provides a comprehensive CRM solution with features for managing customer data.Its CRM solution provides consolidated customer information, simplifies customer engagement management, gives access to the complete customer history, plus customized engagement for each customer based on their preferences.

Apart from these features, Salesforce also offers advanced integration capabilities, allowing businesses to integrate external applications and tools to streamline their workflows. It is cloud-based, so data is accessible from anywhere, and its mobile app offers a smooth experience on-the-go. Plus, its secure security features ensure customer data is secure, and that businesses can control access as they wish.

Insightly’s User-Friendly Interface, App Integration, and Relationship Linking Feature

perspicace is a user-friendly CRM platform with app integration and a unique relationship linking feature. It simplifies client relationship management and boosts efficiency. Plus, there are customization options that allow users to label and categorize contacts, tasks, and projects. This saves time.

Insightly also has a calendar view. This shows tasks and projects in an organized way. Integration with apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Office 365, and Mailchimp is another highlight.

Le relationship linking feature sets Insightly apart. It creates links between contacts, tasks, and projects. This makes data more visible and accessible. Plus, the mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS.

In 2018, Insightly won the Best CRM Solution for Small Business by the PCMag Editors’ Choice Awards. It’s a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Comparison of Contact Management Features

When it comes to managing contacts, both Salesforce and Insightly have unique sets of features that cater to their users’ needs. In this section, we will take a closer look at their specific contact management capabilities. Sub-section 10.1 will cover Salesforce’s ability to store and organize interactions with a contact. Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software, with the ability to track and analyze customer interactions and data. It provides a centralized place to store customers’ information, detailed notes on their interactions, activities, and engagement history. Meanwhile, Sub-section 10.2 will explore Insightly’s email tracking and task management features. Insightly is a cloud-based customer relationship management software, which allows users to track all their customer interactions and keep an eye on every aspect of their sales pipeline. Specifically, Insightly’s email tracking feature is useful for tracking opens, clicks, and replies, whereas its task management feature ensures that users are on top of their to-do lists.

Salesforce’s Storing and Organizing Interactions with a Contact

Forces de vente stellar customer relationship management system is the ideal tool for sales teams. It helps store and organize interactions with customers, plus tracks client data, leads, and opportunities. Plus, utilize Salesforce’s communication logging feature to keep track of all communication with clients. Store emails, calls, and meetings in a contact’s activity history!

Le user-friendly interface of Salesforce makes it simple to track interactions and activities from one platform. This log communication feature helps sales and support teams access recent conversations quickly, improving efficiency and productivity!

perspicace also offers contact management features, like email tracking and task management. But the storing and organizing interactions with a contact feature of Salesforce sets it apart from other CRM systems. Making it the perfect choice for businesses who want to stay on top of their customer relationships.

Insightly’s Email Tracking and Task Management in Contact Management

de manière perspicace contact management functionality boosts efficiency in managing customer relationships. It offers email tracking and task management features that integrate communication channels.

You can track when a contact opens an email and clicks on a link. This gives useful insights into the effectiveness of email campaigns. Plus, there’s a comprehensive view of all tasks related to a contact. This allows you to prioritize based on urgency and importance. Role-based access control ensures only authorized personnel can access sensitive info. By utilizing these features, businesses can manage contacts’ comms, keep track of tasks, and avoid missing info and deadlines.

In a comparison between Salesforce and Insightly, expect serious automation and real-time reporting.

Comparison of Sales Automation and Reporting Features

Sales automation and reporting features are essential for success. Force de vente et perspicace are two of the major CRM players. Comparing their features is important to find the right platform.
A good way to do this is creating a table. It could have columns like gestion des prospects, opportunity management, task management, rapports, et integration.

Force de vente est génial pour gestion des leads et des opportunités. It also has features like sales collaboration, forecasting, and product tracking. perspicace has strengths in task management et integration with other tools. It is also customizable, with dashboards, pipeline visualization, and project management.

In the end, understanding the differences is key. Comparing the features plus price and usability helps businesses make an informed decision that is beneficial in the long run.

CaractéristiquesForce de venteperspicace
Gestion des prospects✔️ 
Opportunity Management✔️ 
Gestion des tâches✔️✔️

Conclusion: Choosing Between Salesforce and Insightly

Choisir entre Salesforce and Insightly is important. A comparative table of features and pricing can help. Salesforce offers more customization, automation and analytics than Insightly. Insightly is cheaper and better for small businesses. Both offer mobile app support, integrations and data import/export options.

Evaluate your needs, budget and scalability to make the best decision. If you have a small business and limited budget, Insightly is cost-effective. Salesforce is better if you need more customization, automation and analytics. Think about the learning curve and training support aussi.

For accurate and reliable CRM data, make sure to invest in data management best practices. These include data hygiene, security and privacy compliance. This helps with informed decisions and customer relationships.

Conclusion: Choosing between Salesforce and Insightly requires evaluation. Both have robust CRM solutions but target different audiences. Choose the one that best fits your needs and consider scalability.


Facts about Salesforce vs Insightly:

  • ✅ Insightly is a modern unified CRM that offers sales, marketing, and delivery solutions all in one place, and is built with the latest technology. (Source:
  • ✅ Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM used for lead generation, reporting, data analysis, and contact management. (Source:
  • ✅ Insightly does not have the high cost and complexity associated with legacy CRMs like Salesforce. (Source:
  • ✅ Insightly’s contact management feature includes email tracking and task management, while Salesforce stores and organizes every interaction with a contact. (Source:
  • ✅ Comparison categories between the two CRM competitors include current customers, market share, and category ranking. (Source:

FAQs about Salesforce Vs Insightly

What is the difference between Salesforce CRM and Insightly?

Salesforce is a well-known CRM that is highly customizable and used by small to large businesses for lead generation, reporting, data analysis, and contact management. Insightly, on the other hand, is a modern unified CRM that offers sales, marketing, and delivery solutions all in one place. It is built from the ground up with the latest technology and is secure, flexible, and scalable. Insightly is different from legacy CRMs like Salesforce because it does not have the high cost and complexity associated with those systems.

How is Insightly different from Salesforce legacy CRMs?

Most legacy CRMs, like Salesforce, are packaged as “suite of apps” or “point solutions,” where data is collected and managed separately for sales, marketing, and service. Insightly apps sit atop a single data platform, providing continuity and transparency at every level. This makes Insightly different from Salesforce legacy CRMs.

Can a business owner use Insightly or Salesforce CRM?

Yes, both Insightly and Salesforce CRM can be used by business owners for sales, marketing, delivery, customer service, and more. It depends on the specific needs of the business, and a product selection tool can be used to make a comparison to determine which CRM is better suited for their business.

What features of Insightly make it better than Salesforce?

Insightly is praised for its user-friendly interface, good selection of apps for integration, and relationship linking feature for better customer relationship management. Moreover, Insightly’s contact management feature also allows for storing and organizing interactions, email tracking, and task management, which makes it better than Salesforce.

What features of Salesforce make it better than Insightly?

Salesforce’s contact management feature allows for storing and organizing every interaction with a contact, which is a more comprehensive feature than Insightly’s contact management feature. Additionally, the mobile app lets you record customer interactions on-the-go. Furthermore, Salesforce is highly customizable, which makes it a popular choice for businesses.

Can the 6sense comparison tool help make a sure salesforce vs insightly comparison?

Yes, the 6sense comparison tool can help businesses make a better and sure comparison between Salesforce CRM and Insightly. Businesses can compare current customers, market share, and category ranking, as well as similarities and differences between customers by industry, geography, and buying patterns.

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