Features of Infusionsoft CRM

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Features of Infusionsoft CRM

Introduction to Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft CRM is a powerful cloud-based sales and marketing platform that combines essential CRM functionalities with advanced marketing automation and ecommerce capabilities. In this section, we’ll provide an overview of Infusionsoft as a comprehensive solution for businesses, and explore its history and background. Get ready to dive into the features and benefits of Infusionsoft CRM, and learn how it has revolutionized the way businesses manage their customer relationships and drive growth.

Overview of Infusionsoft as a cloud-based sales and marketing platform with CRM, marketing automation, and ecommerce capabilities.

Infusionsoft is an amazing cloud-based platform. It combines sales, marketing and CRM capabilities. It offers an overview of Infusionsoft’s capabilities for sales and marketing automation. Small businesses can use this platform to automate their marketing activities and streamline their sales processes.

Moreover, users can create and sell products and services using the ecommerce capabilities of Infusionsoft. It also provides reporting and analytics features to track campaign results and statistics.

Integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Outlook and Gmail make it easy to consolidate data and streamline workflows. An open API enables third-party integration, plus a marketplace of integrated apps and add-ons allows users to customize their experience.

Different pricing plans cater to the needs of businesses. The Lite plan is ideal for those getting started. The Pro and Max plans offer more features and access to the Max Classic plan.

User reviews provide valuable insights into Infusionsoft. From small businesses to dark humor enthusiasts, Infusionsoft CRM is the power of sales and marketing automation.

History and Background of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, started by Keap in 2001, is a cloud-based sales and marketing platform. It has a rich background and is a leader in the industry.

Since 2001, Infusionsoft has grown rapidly. It gives small businesses an all-in-one solution. It focuses on CRM, marketing automation and ecommerce.

Infusionsoft is continuously evolving to meet customers’ needs. It offers features which help businesses manage contacts, automate sales and marketing, track customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, process payments, create and sell products online, and get insights from reports and analytics.

Moreover, Infusionsoft integrates with popular apps like QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Outlook and Gmail. This helps businesses connect their systems with Infusionsoft for a more streamlined workflow. It also has an open API for third-party app integration and a marketplace of integrated apps and add-ons.

Key Features of Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft CRM offers a powerful set of features that can revolutionize your business. From seamless contact management and segmentation to automated sales and marketing, this section explores the key features that make Infusionsoft CRM stand out. Discover how this CRM helps you streamline your sales pipeline, effortlessly handle payments and eCommerce, and gain valuable insights through reporting and analytics. Maximize your productivity and grow your business with the exceptional capabilities of Infusionsoft CRM.

Contact Management and Segmentation

Infusionsoft CRM offers complex contact management and segmentation. Users can divide their contacts based on criteria for more precise advertising. The system enables businesses to monitor connections with each contact, aiding effective contact management. By using the segmentation feature, businesses can personalize their advertising attempts and strengthen customer associations.

Moreover, Infusionsoft provides additional features for smooth contact management and segmentation. The platform permits users to automate contact management activities such as email communication, follow-ups, and lead scoring. This automation not only saves time but also ensures timely and targeted interactions with the contacts. Thus, via its potent contact management and segmentation capabilities, Infusionsoft permits businesses to refine their customer relationship management process and augment their overall proficiency.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Infusionsoft CRM has robust automation features for sales and marketing. It streamlines and optimizes business processes. With Infusionsoft, businesses can automate many aspects of their sales and marketing.

  • Lead Generation: Automatically capture leads from various sources such as website forms, landing pages and social media. This increases potential customers entering the sales funnel.
  • Email Marketing: Automate email campaigns with personalized email sequences, follow-ups and nurturing emails. Create targeted content that engages prospects.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Set up triggers and workflows to send targeted messages across different channels. Like email, SMS, and social media.
  • Sales Funnel Management: Track leads through the sales pipeline. Automation tools assign tasks, set reminders and follow-ups based on rules or customer actions.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics to track campaign performance. Measure open rates, click-through rates, conversions and revenue.

Infusionsoft also has advanced automation like lead scoring, behavior-based triggers and dynamic content personalization. These deliver relevant messages based on customer behavior and preferences.

Its automation helps small businesses manage customer relationships and maximize revenue. Automating repetitive tasks and nurturing leads with campaigns allows businesses to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

CRM and Sales Pipeline Management


Infusionsoft helps with CRM and Sales Pipeline Management. Here are the key features:

  • Contact Management & Segmentation: Easily segment contacts. Track interactions with each contact.
  • Sales Automation: Automates follow-up emails, lead scoring, and task assignments. This saves time and nurtures leads.
  • Marketing Automation: Personalized email campaigns, automated social media posting, and track campaign performance.
  • Payments & Ecommerce: Create and sell products/services. Payment processing is integrated.

These features prove that Infusionsoft goes beyond traditional CRM. Synergy between CRM and Sales Pipeline Management converts leads to customers.

Infusionsoft integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail. This provides a unified experience and enhances productivity.

Payments and Ecommerce

Payments and e-commerce are essential for Infusionsoft CRM. It offers a range of functionalities to support financial transactions and the sale of products and services. Users can create and manage their online store, process payments, and handle orders within the platform.

The key features related to payments and e-commerce in Infusionsoft CRM are:

  1. Product Creation: Easily create products and services – including price, description, images and other details – to showcase offerings on the online store.
  2. Shopping Cart Integration: Seamlessly integrate a fully functional shopping cart to the website or landing page. Customers can browse, add items, apply promo codes, and purchase.
  3. Payment Gateway Integration: Integrate with payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal to securely process credit card transactions on the website.
  4. Order Management: Track orders, manage inventory, handle shipping, generate invoices, and send automated order confirmation emails.
  5. Upsells and Cross-Sells: Use customer data and behavior insights to make targeted product recommendations, to increase sales revenue.
  6. Subscription Billing: Automate recurring billing for subscription-based services or memberships. Set up pricing plans with different recurring intervals.

Infusionsoft CRM also offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Businesses can uncover insights and data behind campaigns, to make informed decisions and optimize strategies.

Infusionsoft CRM provides a complete suite of features for payments and e-commerce, for a seamless and efficient experience for businesses and customers.

Reporting and Analytics

Infusionsoft CRM provides reporting and analytics features that offer valuable insight and data for businesses. This allows users to track campaign outcomes and statistics, giving them a better understanding of their marketing efforts.

Contact Insights is a key benefit of Infusionsoft’s reporting and analytics. It enables users to segment their contacts based on various criteria, like demographic information, past interactions, and purchase behavior. Segmenting contacts lets businesses send targeted emails and campaigns to certain groups, improving their marketing results.

Campaign Tracking is another advantage of Infusionsoft’s reporting and analytics too. Users can track the performance of their email campaigns, sales funnels, and other initiatives, measuring metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This data helps businesses evaluate the success of their campaigns and make decisions based on the results.

Revenue Tracking is also part of Infusionsoft’s reporting and analytics. Users can track revenue from various sources, like products, services, or campaigns. This feature lets businesses identify high-value customers and opportunities for upselling.

Infusionsoft also has customizable dashboards to help users organize their reporting and analytics data. These allow businesses to create visual representations of key metrics, like sales performance or email engagement metrics. Customizing the dashboards gives businesses an overview of their operations in a way that suits their needs.

In summary, Infusionsoft’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide businesses with the power to monitor the success of their marketing efforts, track revenue growth, segment contacts for targeted campaigns, and make data-backed decisions. Regularly reviewing this data is essential for recognizing trends, optimizing marketing strategies, and maximizing sales potential.

Plus, Infusionsoft integrates with apps such as QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail. This makes it easier for businesses to connect their sales and marketing efforts seamlessly.

Integration and Compatibility

With its seamless integration with popular apps, open API, and extensive marketplace, the Infusionsoft CRM offers businesses a comprehensive solution for streamlining their operations. Discover how this section unpacks the benefits and versatility of integrating Infusionsoft with a myriad of applications, allowing for enhanced compatibility and efficiency.

Integration with Popular Apps

Infusionsoft CRM offers integration with popular apps. This helps businesses streamline processes and improve productivity. Such apps include QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail.

  • Integrating with QuickBooks lets businesses track and manage financial transactions and invoices.
  • Xero integration gives users a comprehensive view of financial data and simplifies accounting operations.
  • Salesforce integration ensures smooth communication between the CRM and sales teams. It assists with lead management and customer relationship building.
  • Outlook integration logs all email interactions in the system. They are centralized for easy access.
  • Gmail integration synchronizes contacts and streamlines email management within Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft also offers an open API for further customization and integration. Their marketplace showcases a variety of integrated apps and add-ons to enhance the CRM platform’s functionality.

For user satisfaction, Infusionsoft provides three pricing plans: Lite, Pro, and Max Classic. These plans suit different business needs and provide access to advanced reporting capabilities and campaign automation tools.

Open API and Marketplace

Infusionsoft CRM gives users access to an Open API and Marketplace. It helps with integration. The Open API helps with third party apps. The Marketplace has many options for users.

For example, the table below:

Integration Capabilities Description
QuickBooks Infusionsoft integrates with QuickBooks for financial and accounting management.
Xero Connect Infusionsoft with Xero to simplify accounting.
Salesforce Integrate with Salesforce to sync customer data between platforms.
Outlook Easily manage emails and contacts with Outlook integration.
Gmail Sync Gmail accounts with Infusionsoft for email management.

The Open API offers custom integrations. The Marketplace has lots of apps and add-ons. They help with sales, marketing, customer management and more.

Overall, Infusionsoft CRM has flexible integration and lots of apps and add-ons. This helps businesses expand their functionality.

Pricing and User Reviews

When it comes to the features of Infusionsoft CRM, one important aspect to consider is the pricing and user reviews. In this section, we’ll delve into the various pricing plans available, as well as take a look at what users have to say about Infusionsoft CRM through their reviews and opinions. So, if you’re interested in finding the right pricing option and getting insights from real users, keep reading!

Pricing Plans

Infusionsoft has plans for all kinds of businesses. They offer Lite, Pro and Max plans. Each one has different features.

Here’s a table of the plans and their features:

Plan Features
Lite – Contact management
– Email marketing
– Automation
– Reporting and analytics
Pro – All Lite features
– Sales pipeline management
– Lead scoring
– Payment processing
Max Classic (additional features) – Advanced reporting and analytics
– Custom sales pipelines
– Ecommerce functionality
– API access for integration

The Max Classic plan has extra features. These include advanced reporting, custom pipelines, ecommerce and API access. This plan is perfect for businesses that want more from their sales and marketing.

Pro Tip: Think about what your business needs before deciding on a plan. Start with Lite and upgrade when your business grows.

User Reviews and Opinions

User reviews and opinions of Infusionsoft CRM have been gathered, and some key points have been derived from them.

  • Users enjoy the contact management and segmentation of Infusionsoft. This lets them organize contacts and track interactions. It’s also beneficial for businesses in managing customer relationships.
  • The sales and marketing automation offered by Infusionsoft has been praised. Users find these tools helpful for streamlining processes and saving time.
  • The CRM and sales pipeline management of Infusionsoft has gained recognition. It gives users a clear overview of their sales process, and lets them track leads, manage opportunities, and close deals.
  • The payments and ecommerce capabilities of Infusionsoft have been well-received. Businesses can easily create and sell products or services online with seamless integration of payment processing.
  • Reporting and analytics features of Infusionsoft have also been found to be valuable. Users can track campaign results, measure performance, and make data-driven decisions for future marketing strategies.

Overall, user reviews and opinions prove Infusionsoft CRM is a powerful tool for small businesses. It helps streamline sales and marketing processes.

Conclusion: The Power of Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft CRM is a game-changer for businesses! It offers an extensive array of features and capabilities. This platform helps businesses to manage leads, contacts, and marketing campaigns all in one place.

Using Infusionsoft, businesses can automate sales and marketing processes. This feature helps to save time and run operations more efficiently.

Plus, Infusionsoft provides robust analytics and reporting tools. These dive deep into customer data, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights. By analyzing this data, businesses can make decisions that boost growth and success.

Some Facts About Features of Infusionsoft CRM:

  • ✅ Keap (formerly InfusionSoft) is a cloud-based sales and marketing platform that offers CRM, marketing automation, and ecommerce capabilities. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Keap provides tools and services including one-on-one consulting, live training, and large-scale events. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Users can segment contacts, track customer interactions, send emails, run campaigns, and manage ecommerce with Keap. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Keap features include sales and marketing automation, CRM, sales pipeline management, payments, reporting and analytics, appointment scheduling, email marketing, campaign builder, landing page builder, and website tracking. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Keap integrates with popular apps like QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Features Of Infusionsoft Crm

What are the key features of Infusionsoft CRM?

Infusionsoft CRM offers a range of features to run campaigns, manage client relationships, and automate services. Some of its key features include a campaign builder, customization options, a mobile app, contact record management, and integration with online shopping carts.

Can I receive live training on using Infusionsoft CRM?

Yes, Infusionsoft CRM provides live training sessions to familiarize users with its features and functionalities. These training sessions are designed to help users optimize their use of the platform and improve their marketing and sales strategies.

How does the campaign builder in Infusionsoft CRM work?

The campaign builder in Infusionsoft CRM allows users to create customized marketing campaigns and automate their execution. With its drag and drop functionality, users can design customer journeys and trigger actions based on specific events or customer behavior, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Are there customization options available in Infusionsoft CRM?

Yes, Infusionsoft CRM offers customization options to tailor the platform to your specific business needs. Users can customize marketing automation workflows, create custom triggers, and personalize customer journeys to align with their unique requirements and strategies.

Does Infusionsoft CRM provide a mobile app?

Yes, Infusionsoft CRM has a mobile app available for iOS devices. This allows users to access their CRM data and manage client relationships on the go, providing flexibility and convenience for business owners and sales team members.

Does Infusionsoft CRM offer a free trial?

Yes, Infusionsoft CRM offers a free trial for users to test the platform and experience its features and capabilities. This allows businesses to assess if Infusionsoft CRM is the right CRM solution for their specific needs before making a purchase decision.

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